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My deathmatch collection

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Technically, I already had a thread for this, but it was for an older version and I can't find it anyway.

So, as a bit of respite from fine-tuning my SF2013 map, I went back to an old deathmatch mapset of mine and started fiddling with it. I'd like to hear on some opinions on the maps and how I could improve them. Here is the mapset:

Maps 01, 03, 04, 05 and 11 are supposed to be duel maps, 06 and 10 (when I finish it) are for 2-4 people (although 06 might be too cramped for 4), the rest are for 4.

What I do know:
- MAP01 is kind of bad. It's my first multiplayer map ever and it shows. I do like the aesthetic though and I want to figure out a way to use it in a new map before I replace the current one.
- MAP07 is terrible. I am going to replace it, probably with a smaller one. Currently I'm more interested in completing my unfinished maps though.
- MAP08 is basically just an outline for what I have planned. It's not playable. Ignore it.
- There is no MAP09. I am working on it in a separate file that I'm going to merge into this one later.
- MAP10's layout is complete and I'm not planning on adding any more detail, I kind of like the simple look. It still requires multiplayer starts and ammo, but before I get to doing that I want to know if the map flows as smoothly for others as it does for me.

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Man, I don't know how I let these slip by, they look like great deathmatching turf. Well designed, nicely detailed, overall some really great stuff.

Personally, I find the maps a bit dark, and some custom music would have been nice, but these are nitpicks. Map07 and Map08 seem highly frustrating, but the others seem great!

Whore this thing around to some other Doom forums. I think people will really appreciate some fresh new killing areas. :)

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