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So, I just did this [Nuts.wad on NM]

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I beat nuts.wad on Nightmare. WITHOUT using the BFG or Plasma gun. Chaingun only and only two invulnerability spheres. I'm not saying that I'm the best Doomer ever, but I'd just like to share one of my greatest feats in the game.

And yeah, I pretty much only used Archvile jumps.

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Lol I think this really isn't something to brag about. Take green sphere, run to the switch, take another green sphere, get thrown to the wall by arch-viles, get to the exit switch and press it. Plus, the Nightmare speedrun record is one minute and one second faster than your time. Why don't you try Alien Vendetta map20 from pistol start and no saves if you want to do something a bit more impressive?

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Seriously though, assuming you actually did this, that's... quite an achievement.

Unfotrunately, this post may get Post Hell'd. Posting completions of wads you can find on DoomWorld's Top 10 Infamous wads list usually results in that. :(

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Obsidian said:

Even Mordeth and TNT: Evilution? *Raises eyebrow*



*Leaves and forgets to open door on way out*

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Exiting Nuts on NM is absolutely piss simple. Anyone can do it (once they understand the simple plan). The only real danger is that you might get an intercepts overflow and therefore be unable to exit through no fault of your own. That's actually fairly likely (on NM as opposed to UV) if you are playing in an exe or with settings where that is possible.

And a note to those who have misunderstood when watching some of the perfectly legitimate vanilla or Boom demos on Nuts: the AV blasts are not projecting you over the heads of the monsters, but are propelling you through gaps between them (albeit at a greater height than the surrounding monsters). That's why you don't want to wake up the monsters before you reach them.

Nuts demos here.

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