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Escape.wad - MAP01 replacement for Doom 2

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Like my previously released levels, this is a map that was started probably 4 years ago but finished recently. When I started developing it again it was maybe quarter done. This map replaces MAP01 from Doom 2. I've only tested it in ZDoom but it probably works with other more advanced engines as well. Also tried it with chocolate doom but that gave me impossible lag, seems like chocolate doom has some pretty high(?) requirements since this map is in vanilla format and should be in vanilla limits pretty much. It's a prisonish map, not overly detailed however.

Some screens: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/348ugvvrkk4cyb8/AACKbZR8qmHzLqa3n5LKO0vva

If anyones interested here's the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx03b27tfa8bnrz/Escape.zip

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Nice usage of shootable switches. Another memorable moment was the huge courtyard with chaingunner towers in corners, on one hand it's an unconventionally challenging setup, on the other hand - chaingunners in open areas are simply annoying, unfair. But I'm giving you bonus points for the possibility to use pinkies / cacodemons as meatshields there (although I was more like camping + rushing than doing this).

Otherwise the map mainly suffers from being too "boxy". Really, most rooms are some slight variation of a rectangular block, at best. There is height variation, but I've noticed that most fights took place on a flat ground, also usually in a cramped corridor. Fights were easy, with numerous possibilities to camp or stay back and snipe, which turned out as an advantageous strategy and that is not very good. On the good side, there was (mostly) just few possibilities to avoid fights without too much risk, I felt motivated to kill the monsters in my way. The map was okay to play and navigate, but there could have been more interesting combat situations and more interesting environment (I don't mean amount of detail, I mean the general architecture, shapes etc.).

Remember, long backtracking that doesn't feature any combat is... less than optimal choice, at least. Feel free to open multiple monster closets that will repopulate the map when the player is backtracking. Your usage of monster closets is mild, very non-challenging.

Lastly, computer area map is not very useful if I get it right before an exit when I've already explored everything.

That's all I think, nice little adventure. Only the blocky-ness deserves an improvement and maybe the combat too, next time you make a map. ;)

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Thanks for your quality feedback again. Yes that boxiness is my biggest problem right now i think, i'd really have to put time into thinking some cool layouts. I think i'm in speedmapping mode by default, made this map under 10 hours. I should have used more monster closets now that i think of it, didn't think of it when i was making the map.

Just found this unfinished map one day from my doom folder and tought cool idea. Me 4 years ago had some pretty cool ideas, now i have to try hard to make something up, my recent new maps are mostly replicating places in real life, so not much fresh ideas recently.

And that computer map, i tought it would be a good idea to make gameplay longer, maybe some secrets were missed, then the computer map would come in handy when hunting down those last secrets + i didn't have anything better to place there, soulsphere for example would be pretty much pointless i think because theres no next level.

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Perhaps when you're making a single map, which is not going to end up in a set, don't place goodies and secrets close to the exit. I'd find it natural. ;)

I can confirm to you that I personally also have a heavy tendency to design boxy levels. I can only deal with that by spending too much time tweaking the map, which is inefficient and this inefficiency bugs me. I also very well know how theoretizing good map design is something different than actually creating it. I suck at the latter. Once I've been thinking that perhaps it would be better to quickly create design of mapper's natural style, rather than prolonging mapping time by dozens of hours of eliminating imperfections and making the style more fancy.

My point is, perhaps you'll be able to find out (or grow up to) a mapping style that will be comfortable with you, allow you to work quickly and without making boxy rooms. I wish you good luck at that. I'm trying to find out the mine style too. :)

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Thanks. I also got some really neat tips from member _bruce_ recently whos maps i've been testing. I think i should start carefully following those tips and your recommendations and it think my mapping will improve over time. Thing is i'm quite a beginner actually been mapping what 5 years overall but really on and off it's like cycles with my mapping, once a year at least for me comes a time filled with heavy mapping, it goes on for months. Right know it's my most rich time i think, started in the beginning of may with playing some doom on xbox and here i am, 4 maps released over the course of 2 months and also maybe 4 more maps done or completed or even more, one is a 1 hour speedmap, i haven't decided yet if i'll release it, maybe it's pretty sucky, first time speedmap after all. One other map also is fo contributing to doomworld mega project 2014, it's a old collaboration map i developed with a forum buddy 4 years ago but it stopped halfway through and i finished it recently.

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