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[REQUEST]DOOM RPG Kronos Spriteset

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I'm requesting a set of sprites for Kronos, the only really imaginative thing from the Doom RPG game for mobiles. Just ripping the textures wouldn't do, of course. For they are much too small, and also, he's missing a lot of sprites.

Yes, I understand it would be all custom work, and yes i'd be willing to wait a while. Also, I did try to get something done all by myself and...well...it only got this far before I realized I can't draw worth 2 craps: http://i.imgur.com/Nr9o83B.jpg


EDIT: To clarify further, I did plenty of looking around before making this thread. Someone did "port" it to PC doom, but it was only the front-facing sprite, which doesn't really help. And it's still too small.

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