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Cheats SDL versions of mods

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Hi people I have a problem with enabling cheats on most of the SDL versions of mods for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear Of Destiny. When I enter parameter --goobers or --debugmode game only show me help page of Wolf4SDL why ? Is it a protection against cheats if yes why ?
please help me how I can enable cheats for that SDL versions of mods
Thank you very much for help :)

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Since a lot of Wolf3D and Wolf4SDL mods have changes to the source code, the method varies based on what mod you're playing. Some mods have the cheats disabled completely. It's extremely easy to disable or change the cheats from Wolfenstein's source code (I think in Wolf4SDL they're even in their own source file apart from the other code).

My best suggestion is to play on the easiest difficulty setting instead and actually learn how to get good at the game. Otherwise, well, there's not much for options there.

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But as you say it´s extremely easy disable cheats from Wolfenstein Source Code so can be a extremely easy enable that cheats again.
And I want to play it on hardest difficulty because you get lot of enemies and I liked that.

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