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Dark Forces

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One day, looking through youtube, I came across vidos where twisted old three-dimensional games and basically shooters (letalok was dumb enough). And in one frame a glimpse one very good toy: Star Wars: Dark Forces. I tightened the game with its atmosphere of Star Wars, a film that I think many visits)
The protagonist - Kyle Katarn, gone over to the rebels from the Imperials, after the sudden death of his father (he was not even allowed to bury him properly).
Feature of the game was that each level had or what the problem - for example to find a weapon and return to the top level, where you will wait for the spaceship.
We basically fighting against imperial infantry, but there are at alien enemies.
Levels - in terms of the detail will be steeper dumovskih, your engine used, but according to Wikipedia, before its creation, the developers spent reverse engineering usually think (reverse engineering) for an understanding of rendering graphics. On the basis of this case has its own engine Jedi Knight Engine.

After watching the passing game and I noticed that there is not a very important thing - the multiplayer, and wanted to run as a cooperative or TDM with Blaser or mine)

1. Fists (standard, though they look cooler dumerskih)
2. Laser Gun, shoots red lasers. It is worth noting that in the original game used red polygonal model (4 vertices total) for laser marking.
3. Laser Rifle infantryman Blaster. Shoots lasers too, but rate and uses 2 rounds per shot.
4. Detonators - regular grenade, but with a difference - you can adjust the strength of the key pinching "fire." On a simple shot - grenades explode instantly, alto shot - grenades bounce off walls.
5. "AutoGun" - shoots blue balls of energy. Has alto mode - can fire three times for blue balls.
6. Fusion Cutter - Weapon with four trunks, each trunk separately shoots green blobs of energy. Alt mode produces clumps of four trunks immediately.
7. Mines with two kinds of attacks. Simple attack - put mine and explodes after a while, the second - put mine explodes and only when or who will run past.
8. Mortar - something like a rocket launcher, only shoots clutch charges with "weight", ie they do not fly straight blunt and to the floor by gravity.
9. Plasma gun - something like BFG, only charges weaker.
10. Plasma Rifle Infantry (a big dude there). Another variety of plasma, with only two modes of fire - the first shoots conventional plasma clots, the second - fires missiles.

Please excuse me if this text is not entirely correct written just my native language is Russian, and English I do not know very well)


Download link:


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No, no, it's another mod)
Just then I tried to make a weapon more accurate as the original game)
In addition, this mod for zdoom

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Didn't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but I just wanted to point out that something like this has been done before. There was one made for ZDoom as well not that long ago, though it was far from perfect.

A true and faithful Shadow Warrior conversion has not been seen however to the best of my knowledge.

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And so, after a very long break, I decided to once again take up the Dark Forñes.
That currently done:
- Moved almost all the enemies from the original game (left 2 - the boss and floating in the water monster). To transfer the program was used "Cyra", allows you to view the original animations items \ monsters.
- Rewritten laser model (RedBolt).
- Changed the balance, but soon it will change again)

In a short time, if you like it - I completed yet remaining enemies and maybe make texture Pack.

Of course a link to the new version:

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A texture pack is available at Realm667.com.

I checked out your mod and it was pretty cool.

I'm no fan of Dark Forces as I never really played it, but I'm using the texture pack for a map and I might use some of the effects in your mod, like the blue laser flame from one of the weapons.

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Hm, perhaps someone should make a series of Multiplayer maps with the texture packs and give this game the Multiplayer experience it needed.

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Dear friends, I present to your attention a new assembly Dark Forses.
Recent changes:
- Added almost all enemies (except turrets, but I will add them later for mappers). Now, when you walk on water, you can sometimes wait for a surprise)
- To recreate almost all powerups (except the Aes kleats at beta stage)
- Reworked the balance - he now looks more like the original game, and spawn ammo and weapons more rational.
- Bobstyle have weapons now more reminiscent of the original game. (Maybe soon, I will try to do a similar imitation on the ACS and offsets).
- Fixed a multiplayer game (not Zandronum, gzdoom multiplayer).

Certainly link !:

"Blast him!")))

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OKay guys, progress:
Mouse-Bot now worked!

If mouse dead - drop battery. You can use battery for powerups(original game)
(awww, my inglish is very shit)

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After some thought, I decided to release this release.
I present to you a new assembly Dark Forses!
Recent changes:
- Starting from the original video game.
- The balance is shifted in a more complex way (mainly increase in the lives of the enemies. In the future, try to make a menu where you can choose the balance).
- Of course as he wrote earlier - a nice pack of music from the PSX game.
Music plays every level in random order and will not be repeated)
- Numbers for Doom Builder. If you want to do to modify the maps - no problem! Now you can put numbers of actors modification)
Numbers list:


Blaster Rifle - 30001
Auto Gug - 30002
Fusion Cutter - 30003
Mortar Gun - 30004
Concussion Rifle - 30005
Assault Cannon - 30006

Pistol, detonator and mines have been added since originally given to the player. For the detonator and mines on the map, place the ammo.

20 Schield Units - 30007
Dark Forses Medikit - 30008
Schield Super Charge - 30009
Weapon Super Charge - 30010
Revive - 30011
Extra Life - 30012
Your Gear - 30013
Infared Goggles - 30014
Gas Mask - 30015
Ice Cleats - 30017

Battery - 30019

15 Energy Units - 30020

1Thermal Detonator - 30021
3Tnermal Detonators - 30022
5Thermal Detonators - 30023

10Power Chells - 30024
30Power Chells - 30025
50Power Chells - 30026
100Power Cells - 30027

1 IM Mine - 30028
5 IM Mines - 30029

1 Mortar Shell - 30030
3 Mortar Shells - 30031
5 Mortar Shells - 30032

20 Plasma Cartridges - 30033
30 Plasma Cartridges - 30034

1 Missile - 30035
5 Missiles - 30036

Empire Officer - 30037
Empire Commando - 30038
Empire Infartyman - 30039
Empire Probe - 30040
Initial Droid - 30041
Empire Gold Probe - 30042
Remote Droid - 30043
Ree Yees - 30044
Gam Guard - 30045
Boss Kate - 30046
Bobba Feit - 30047
Phase1(skeleton) - 30048
Phase2(Dark tropper) - 30049
Phase3(Generall) - 30050
Jabba Kell(Kell Dragon) - 30051
Sewer Bug(Water Monster) - 30052
Mouce Bot - 30053
Standard Turret(Special for mappers) - 30054

I beg you not to be surprised by many names - they are purely technical and real names do not have)

The following plans:
- ACC Bobstyle imitation. To support Zandronom
- More monsters on the subject of modification.
- It is likely the maps (but very probably because I mapper very bad, unless there are people who will make the maps under my modification).
- Heretic \ Hexen support. Are Debuging.

Dark Forces:
Dark Forces Music Pack (I'm recomended it):

And in the end - have fun! Write error and wishes)

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And so friends, the first attempts to move the maps from the original game engine doom2.
What you think about whis?)

Dark forces maps were great, I'd love to see a total conversion.

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Breathtaking. There was some project (two episodes) with “Dark Forces” resources but, judging by weapons and enemies, this one’s quite promising.

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