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Insane Gazebos Macabre [Fixed]

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All the versions of insane_gazebo's "Macabre", that i've found, seem to be corrupted and only work with ZDoom.
Always wanted to play this one with PrBoom so i messed around with the file and it seems like i've managed to fix all the issues.
Works fine now with PR/GL-Boom+, haven't tested any other ports.

If someones interested here it is

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Actually, it didn't really work properly in ZDoom either. The TEXTURE1 and maybe PNAMES entries were corrupted so any animated flats used as wall textures, like SLIME05, and new textures, like WFALLx didn't animate. About 3 years ago I tried to fix it, but it crashed all my editors. I ended up having to delete the entries in a DOS window using NWT, then adding all the textures again. Finally got it to work as intended in ZDoom.

I see you removed all the floor tiles used as wall textures and replaced most of them. I noticed a couple of missing textures, but not where they were causing major problems. In the original Sunder thread where insane_gazebo first posted Macabre, he didn't disallow others working on it and gave permission to use Sunder as a base in its text file, so he doesn't mind others adding to his maps. Even though the text file says it's not finished, he hasn't added any new Sunder levels in 3-1/2 years. I think it's safe to say he's done mapping. Were you planning to continue and address playability issues in Macabre and possibly finish the levels? MAP04 and MAP06 still don't have exits and all the maps need some work.

EDIT: Typo and bad grammatical construction

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I know that I_G allowed to work with his maps as a base, but i don't have any intentions to do it.
Just wanted to share the file in case someone else is interested too.

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