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Did You Know Gaming - Doom Edition

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joe-ilya said:

Uh, of course.

Wikia = Wiki

the Doomwiki does not belong to Wikia, which is a wiki hosting service. so saying something is a Wikia is, in fact, incorrect, because you're referring to the hosting service, and not the content.

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I hate the people in the comments section saying that John Carmack is wrong for what he said.

He's not wrong for what he said. Most video games these days either have a story that's lame and really generic (COD, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Halo, Titanfall) or they don't have a story at all (DOOM, PONG, TETRIS, PAC-MAN, ASTEROIDS).

Story really doesn't belong in a game like DOOM or any other sci-fi horror FPS game because it takes away from the immersion of it being YOU the player....

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Yeah, I don't know who Markiplier is.... he sounded cool in the video but I don't know if he's actually like that. He held my attention though, with his voice and all. It commanded me to listen to his voice. That being said...

I kind of wish that Brutal Video Vault/Mr. Chris himself did the video... I think he would have been a better fit.

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Glaice said:

Out of everyone, why did it have to be Markiplier?

Because he reviews all of the FPS games.

Really sucks that doom didn't get a second part on this.

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