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New Doom Project - Moonbase Deathmatch

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Hey guys, Doomkid, Mr. Crispy (from Odamex), and myself came up with an idea of a new Deathmatch wad called "Moonbase Deathmatch." The idea of the wad is that it will be tech themed (duh) and each map will have a script that modifies the gravity when the player jumps (as if you were walking on the moon).

If any of you guys are interested in participating in this project, reply to this thread and we can start making this wad. 10 maps would be ideal, although it might change if we get an over abundance of well-crafted map submissions.

Requirements/rules of each map:
1) The map must be fun to play; well balanced; and engaging over the long term.
2) Port specific features used need to add to the Deathmatch experience in a significant gameplay related manner.
3) Port specific features used need to be 100% cross compatible between these three source ports: Zandronum, ZDaemon & Odamex.
4) Gameplay over graphics (unless it is ugly enough that Doomkid or myself are forced to make a call on it).

You MAY use custom textures, just have them approved be either me or Doomkid.

It is undecided yet if this wad will have custom sprites, weapons, and sounds.

EDIT: Gravity is normally 800 in Doom, for the maps they will be 300

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Gravity is normally 800 in Doom, for this mapset they will be 300. You should edit the first post and add that in DG, so mappers can make ledges and whatnot accordingly :)

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