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Green monsters

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Has anyone got green recoloured monsters they could share with me? I most imminently will need the following:

Demon - pink parts recoloured green
Caco - red parts recoloured green

But I may find other recolours useful, like an Arachnatron maybe.

As you might guess this is so I can use the DeHacked palette toggle to replace some useless things with monster with new attributes. This is for my VOH project, I'll of course give credit where due in the final release.

Yeah, this is me asking for something that I could probably do myself with a bit of patience but I thought I'd ask here first in case someone has already done this and I would frankly be a little surprised if it hasn't been done before.

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Learn to use SLADE3's "Graphic->Colour Remap" feature, it's really easy to use and gives you wide possibilities of recoloring existing sprites.

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Thanks myk, I've added them to my .WAD but now running in PRBoom+ or Chocolate Doom gives this error.

R_InstallSpriteLump: Bad frame characters in lump 2762.

I've looked up the error on the Wiki page and double checked the graphic files but they're all alpha numeric so I don't understand the reason for the error.

I've been following instructions to get new sprites to work in vanilla using this post:


As Myk said, if you're replacing a Doom 2 sprite, then you need to have all the Doom 2 sprites in the wad. Make sure you don't release it like that, as some people won't appreciate the several megabytes it adds, and it's also illegal :)

However, there is a way to get around needing to do this. If you give the sprite a name that isn't the same as any existing sprites (NGR5A0 for example), you won't need to put all the Doom 2 sprites in the wad.

To use this new sprite, you'll need to use DeHackEd. Before you do, make a back up of doom2.exe. You might want to call it something obvious like 'doom2.bak'. Now load DeHackEd, and press F7. This goes into the text editor, which lets you alter various texts, like the messages at the end of certain levels, and the sprite names the game looks for.

Find the old sprite name (GOR5A0) and change it to the new one (NGR5A0). Save this (press s) as 'whatever.deh' (where whatever is what you want to call it). Now you'll need to press w so that the change is written to the exe.

Don't distribute the altered exe with your wad (something else which is illegal), just the deh file. People can use it to alter their own exe, or load it with -deh or -dehacked in most source ports.

From this old thread

I've placed the graphics between SS_START and S_END as was mentioned at the end of the thread.

Since you were involved in this old discussion do you think you might be able to help? I can PM you the files if you're willing to take a look?

EDIT: After deleting the sprite lumps and redoing them it now works in PRBoom+, but not Chocolate. I know adding new sprites for vanilla is really fiddly but I was hoping NiGHTMARE's steps would bear fruit for me.

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Yeah, I could help (it's something I've done many times).

Before that you might want to check the tutorial in the tutorials section of the site. Near the top it also links the old document from 1996 (sftechs.txt).

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I read the tutorial and other than using newer tools (SLADE and WHACKED) I think I've followed the same steps.

1. Copied graphics from the WADs you mentioned.
2. Pasted into my .WAD between SS_START, S_END
3. Renamed the graphics from SARG* / HEAD* to DEMN* / CACO*
4. Changed the equivelant text strings in my .deh patch using WHACKED

After toying around some more I think it would work in Doom II but not in Plutonia, which is the IWAD my project is using. I'm away from my PC right now but I'll send you the files hopefully later tonight for a snoop.

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That reminds me, how exactly do you write strings for TNT and Plutonia in vanilla? WhackEd doesn't have the map names in the Strings table for some odd reason, although it has them in Boom format.

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I took your advice Obsidian and ripped the Plutonia 2 strings and replaced them. Works in Chocolate and PRBoom+ but not ZDoom for some reason. I've included a MAPINFO for that.

I love vanilla mapping but doing anything unusual in compiling gives me headaches! While you're around Obsidian, once this green monster business is sorted out can I send you the file again for some work on the Spectral Vile? I want to try a few things to make him a bit easier to kill.

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purist said:

While you're around Obsidian, once this green monster business is sorted out can I send you the file again for some work on the Spectral Vile? I want to try a few things to make him a bit easier to kill.

Yep, no sweat.

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