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Retextured Phml maps

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Phml said:
Ok, let's go with a different theme. Jungle maybe? Let's try those green textures... Hmm. Nah, I don't like it. Maybe these ones? Nope. Maybe light grey bricks would do, Mayan type of jungle. Eh... This looks so-so. Seeing as I'm going with bricks anyway, might as well use those brown ones. These always work. And ADEL_W53 for the supports would complement these bricks well. And some lava. Yep, got to have some lava in my indoor-only brown brick grey support Mayan jungle.

I've been playing around with textures a lot lately, and also watching a bunch of Slaughterfest 2011/2012 demos. So when I read the post quoted above, it gave me a silly thought: what if I were to retexture some Phml maps that use the Sunder-inspired dead temple visual theme. The fact that it's a pretty constrained set of textures meant it wouldn't take all that long, and Phml allows derivative works of his maps, so it became an idea I couldn't ignore.

Phmlspd map 13, using Hexen 2's Mayan/Mesoamerican textures

Slaughterfest 2011 map 26, using Hexen and Heretic swamp textures

Slaughterfest 2012 map 16, using Hexen metal textures

Blagggmf_v3, using Rylayeh/Psyren textures

I don't consider this a serious creative endeavour or anything, it was just an experiment. And overall I thought it worked pretty well. Each map has a few spots that aren't perfect, but given that I only used SLADE to replace textures, with no DB editing at all, I'm fairly pleased with the results.

Each map is standalone (apart from Blagggmf which is meant to be played with PSXMUSIC.wad), and also compatible with demos from the original version.

And it shouldn't need to be said, but: this is in no way endorsed by Phml. Though I hope he finds the idea a little amusing if nothing else.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?6vuqu578yq5viq1

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LOL. Fun stuff, and it works pretty well. I should take notes...

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Thanks, glad you like them. It was actually kind of enlightening for me, I feel like the two-tone visual theme can work pretty strongly with any colour scheme or texture set as long as they're interesting textures.

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