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3D Cacodemon

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Sort of. I tried CB Model Pro many years ago, just created basic shapes. So this is a good serious attempt.

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it doesn't look exactly like the sprite you've taken artistic licence, which I like even looks more evil.

I Have this crazy idea of doing 3d models of doom monsters that will be accurate to the sprites, and then releasing the hi poly models on the internet for free. so people can have them 3d printed and finally have the doom figures id never game us.

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Its pretty nice for a first go at zbrush :)

if you don't mind some critique.

It really depends on what style you're going for, but if you want it to look more in line with the sprite, right now I'd hold off on all of the details such as the teeth and bumps. Take the move brush at a low subdivision level and start to pull around the forms, give him a much more imposing silhouette with a wider mouth, because right now he looks scrunched up.Unless of course this is a child Cacodemon, then spot on man :)

As for the horns and teeth, I'd normally make those in a program such as 3ds max or Maya, but if you only have zbrush, using zspheres are great for creating things such as the teeth and horns as well. Also if you ever want to turn your zbrush model into a low poly, you cant go wrong with getting Topogun.

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Kracov said:

I'm surprised more Doomers haven't started up Zbrush and done some work on their own, it's really fun.

Well, I once made a plasticine cacodemon, if that counts...

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riki2cool said:

That looks really good. In fact, probably better than what ID can cook up for Doom 4.

Agreed - this looks pretty outstanding

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Actually I do have a friend that can do 3D printing for me, but that wasn't the intention. I already painted the caco in zbrush as you could see but eventually i will learn about UV mapping

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