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Kontra Kommando

Readily UDMF Converted Vanilla Maps with Linedefs Properly Set

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Does such a resource exist? If so, could someone please provide a link; particularly for Ultimate Doom episodes. I know I could just convert them myself, but I understand that I would have to reset all of the switches, and tags, etc.

Edit: I mean all of the original e1m1-e4m9 maps, all converted.

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I hope you like command line utilities.

First convert to Hexen format with ZWADCONV found here.

Usage: zwadconv <source.wad> <output.wad>

Then convert that to UDMF with WAD2UDMF found here.

Usage: wad2udmf -input <source.wad> -output <output.wad>

All tags and effects will remain intact.

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