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DOOM: Chaos Hunter Beta

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Here's a Doom 2 megawad file I worked on for many months, called DOOM: Chaos Hunter. It is still somewhat in it's beta stage, with some textures still not centered and stuff like that, but it's in playable form and I'd love to show it to people. It is zdoom only and is somewhat large because it has a lot of custom monsters from realm667. My goal was to make a megawad that plays like classic doom but has added monsters. If anyone is willing to play it and lemme know what they think, I would find it very awesome :)

Here is the level list:

Earth Base Levels
Map01 - Crews Quarters
Map02 - Water Treatment
Map03 - Base Corridors
Map04 - Executive Penthouse
Map05 - Toxin Disposal
Map06 - The Restricted Sector
Map07 - Central Mainframe Boss: Terminator
Map08 - Underground Route
Map09 - Headquarters Boss: Spider Mastermind
Map10 - Portal Generation Plant
Map11 - Titan Portal Boss: Cyberdemon

Titan Base Levels (+Secret Levels)
Map12 - Titan Anomaly
Map13 - Lost Base
Map14 - Atomic Research
Map15 - Phi Laboratories
Map31 - Netherworld Hive
Map32 - Queens Chamber Boss: Netherworld Queen
Map16 - Ground Zero
Map17 - Inner Base
Map18 - Titan Catacombs
Map19 - Hellhive
Map20 - Hell's Portal Boss: Inferno Demon x2

Hell Levels
Map21 - Hell's Gate
Map22 - Nessus
Map23 - The Lake of Fire
Map24 - Depths of Hades
Map25 - Sheol Tombs
Map26 - Tartarus Boss: Overlord, Hades Elemental x4
Map27 - The Abyss
Map28 - The Malebolge Boss: Cyberdemon x3
Map29 - Pandaemonium
Map30 - Hell of Hells Boss: Moloch of Hell, Overlord x2

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I couldn't help but notice that you managed to include pretty much all of the Doom and Doom II resources in this, which is probably why it's such a whopping big file.

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Some initial criticisms based on the first 5 maps:

* Very square, flat, etc. Gets a bit better on MAP05 so maybe you get better as the wad progresses. But the architecture and texturing screams "beginner maps."
* Also extremely open, can run through whole maps easily.
* Not really designed for pistol starts, it seems. That's OK but it's also the kind of thing that's fairly easily remedied.
* SSG guys are frustrating in general, because they do so much damage. You don't really give the player the health to fight them unless they do it without getting hit at all.
* Green armours everywhere!
* Doors are annoying because you can't open them while they're closing. Don't know enough about ZDoom editing to tell you what you need to change to fix this.
* Some missing textures, and occasionally weird texture choices, like these:

Sorry if that seems like a lot of negative stuff. They were open and quick enough that I was at least having some fun with them, until MAP05 when there were too many frustrating things. I might play some more later, continuous and with saves. I recorded demos in ZDoom 2.7.1 if you want me to post them.

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No problem, thanks for playing it! It's true, I started the megawad when I was still rather in experienced so you can see my own improvement as a map builder throughout the megawad. I would be interested to hear what you think of the later levels.

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