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Max Saga 2: The Doom Dragon

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Showing Heretic a little love with a modest-sized cavern map. Main opposition is weredragons, gargoyles, and lots of painful fluids, with some disciples, sabreclaws, and undead critters acting as support.

Get it here.

In ancient Scandinavia, the Ravendark Cult has assembled in their cavernous keep: there they shall awaken the legendary Midgard Serpent and command it to do their bidding, with the help of a forbidden tome that is locked away in the festering heart of the stronghold. A clever adventurer would make clever use of the cult's trove of stolen artifacts, in order to relieve them of their precious summoning book.


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I think overall it is pretty great but why does the yellow key's sector damage the player? :/ Ammo is tight at the beginning due to the many weredragons. I noticed there are several routes, you can run into the slime right away or stand at fight your ground right at the start. Interesting, to say the least.

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FDA in ZDoom 2.7.1: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/attachment.php?postid=1284471
I play until I thought I got stuck, at which point I run and jump and rocket jump until I die. I didn't clue in to that switch lowering the cave with the teleport, for whatever reason.

On that note it seemed like figuring out what to do was always a little harder than your typical Heretic map. That's fine, just a bit unexpected. Even the stairs to the crossbow were a bit hard to find, because they just look like another brown ledge. And using the invulerability ring as a makeshift radsuit definitely feels more like Doom then Heretic, but oh well.

After dying in ZDoom I played it again in Crispy Heretic. The switch that lowers the cavern to the teleport is also supposed to lower another cave behind you, but in this case it didn't - not sure if it's because the weredragons' hit boxes are in the lift sector, or because there's a pile of mace spheres underneath, or something else. Also a few bits of tutti frutti, but nothing too serious.

Anyhow, fun map, and always nice to see more for Heretic.

e: Also just looked at your photobucket screenshots, noticed some Hero Quest stuff? Nice :)

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plums said:

e: Also just looked at your photobucket screenshots, noticed some Hero Quest stuff? Nice :)

Yeah, I got some custom quests and such on the same site where I host all my other crap (see sig) if you still play HQ now and then. Always got a kick out of that game, but I'm never able to play as often as I'd like...

Thanks for the FDA, too! I've also never even heard of Crispy Heretic...

I was always disappointed at Heretic's lack of map resources compared to the other Doom engine games, but it was surprisingly fun to build maps for it. I'll probably try it again in the future.

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Crispy Heretic is pretty new, it's basically limit-removing Chocolate Heretic. Pretty barebones in terms of feature enhancements, but still nice.

Heretic definitely suffers from a lack of textures, but what's there can be stretched quite a ways. I think the Baker's Legacy texture pack is the go-to pack for similar style textures and recolors, and Hexen textures tend to fit well enough in there too.

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