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Help adding detail to this type of texture

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Well first of all using the same texture on everything is too much of a good thing IMHO. You need to change things up. Put some pillars along the walls for example....or make a sector that follows the walls and have the higher part a diff texture. Cut some of the floor away and lower it a bit and use some blood on there or whatever you want. Experiment. Just don't make a whole room of the same texture or figure out how to break it up somehow..

When I made the first Vilecore I did a lot of that using the same texture everywhere syndrome. Don't go there man. ;)

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Thanks guys! You are helping me out a lot. The map i'm making is a slight remake of the psx map 'spawning vats' As you may know most of the texture throughout the map has the same theme. I'm trying to 'break' it up a bit so it doesn't look boring. Here is what I came up with for the starting room texture based off of what you guys suggested...


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purist said:

That looks rather busy for a small space.

As long as one doesn't hang upon everything possible, it is okay.

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And you can always make alcoves in the walls impassable.

Also, if you want to make tiny, intricate details in the walls and/or trimmings around the edges, you need to. I once played a CTF map that had -LOADS- of little details, and I kept zipping up the walls and getting stuck on things. :/

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Structural Obstacles: Center pillars, wall pillars, windows, and fences
Height Variation: Platforms, pits, stairs, elevators
Trim: A sector inside of another sector that has a slightly lowered ceiling, different texture, or different floor texture.
Lighting Variations!
Item Obstacles!

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