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Jaxxoon R

Audiophile X (Lightweight Sound Enhancer)

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While I appreciate the concept of trying to fix some of the sound duplicates in Doom's library using alternate Doom sound resources, unsurprisingly, this selection seems kind of random. Some enemies and weapons now have their PSX sounds for no real reason (e.g., imp sighting/death sounds), or totally new/remixed sounds that seem thrown in just for the heck of it (BFG firing, super shotgun firing, spider mastermind dying, the "switch off" sound effect inexplicably stolen from Quake II). These were unique sounds in the first place and didn't need to be replaced/altered. There are other inconsistencies as well, such as how the arachnotron plasma bolts sound unique compared to the player's, yet the chaingun zombie's chaingun sounds just like the player's does.

So it's a good concept and I like some of what's here (the Doom 3 pinkydemon sounds sure make the spectres creepier), but the project probably could've used a bit more restraint.

You also didn't change the SS Nazi pain or weapon fire sounds, by the way.

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Well with the arachnotron, I figured that since both its plasma and launcher look different from the player's that they were meant to be a different things entirely. I also thought that it wouldn't make sense for the Chaingun you pick up from a fallen zombie to suddenly sound different when you use it.

I will admit this pack's rather PSX-biased, so I'll toy with it a bit more...

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