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The Civ

The Next Duke Nukem Forever?

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I'll say this: When the trailer for Doom 4 first came out, I watched it at least five times in a row, because I got so hyped about it. I've been counting the days to Quakecon, (although I can't attend it) and I try to keep up on information as much as I can. I'm pretty damn hyped for it.
But apparently, no company nowadays can release a single game without bitch-slapping the fans at least once during development.
It is now confirmed that people like me, who have been patiently waiting for Quakecon, but can't attend, are going to be left in the dark. ID is pretty much just saying: "Sorry you can't afford to go half way across the country. Sucks for you!".
Now, they are beginning to talk about "more info next year".
More info NEXT YEAR?!
I was led to believe this was being RELEASED later this year.
Not only am I giving up hope on this game at record speeds, but I have a growing fear that this will become the next Duke Nukem Forever. It is EXACTLY like the development of DNF, but just in a shorter period of time.

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I have always thought id treats their fans like shit. Good for Beth coming in an basically cleaning house and making them make games faster. They always took way way to long with their tech demos, I mean games.

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I can see how teasing and long waits annoy a lot of fans, but I actually prefer the DNF approach to the Half-Life 3 approach. At least that fuels forums like these and gives us more stuff to speculate about. Though preferably not taking 14 years hah.

I do agree it's odd that they aren't showing everyone the Quakcon stuff after putting that teaser online at e3 time. But, I'm sure it'll leak and we'll see something, and if not well, I can wait.

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