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BFG: there is a bug to do with the elevator from the delta lab

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need some help here... i got stuck in delta lab, i have activated the reactor and still has no power to the elevator to the lab, the light is green but the display panel is red.... can't get through that means no more progress... should i play the level again??


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If I recall correctly, it's the elevator right next to the one you're looking at that opens up when you have the power back on. If you have the reactor running, it should work. You had to fight a couple of chain gun commandos and a Revenant or two when you got back to the elevators, right? If so, that elevator should be open.

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This is a bug in BFG Edition. If you touch that panel and cause it to display the malfunction error during the power outage, then it will never restore to normal.

Bethesda was informed of this and refused to fix it, outright claiming it's "not a bug". Yeah sure guys. Keep being lazy scum.

Anyway, you have three options. Enable cheats and noclip into the elevator, load a save from before you touched the panel if you have one, or restart the entire game from scratch.

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