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Deth tutorials

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So I wanted to go oldschool and decided to try out deth through dosbox (i know i know it's old as f*ck and dosen't have any advantage over doom builder whatsoever) but it's a toughnut and i can't even figure out how to draw a linedef. So i'm looking for some tutorials, all i found was some threads by Kaiser here and in newdoom forums asking for some tutorials back in 2001, but in these threads there's no links to tutorials or anything, instead in newdoom thread there's some dumb forum fight instead and in doomworld thread theres pretty much nothing, for anyone that's interested here's the links to the threads:



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hmm dosen't seem to contain any practical tutorials that show how to do stuff, only found some instractions how to set up deth or did i miss something, did search this site for 8 minutes.

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Given that DETH is based on DEU, I'd start with DEU for IDIOTS, DEU 4 Dummies and DEU Help File v1.2.

EDIT - You might also like to grab a copy of Instant Doom Levels from the Internet Archive. It contains a pdf version of Tricks of the DOOM Gurus, which includes guides to using a selection of old editors and utilities.

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