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Sigvatr's textures

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Yeah he was an accomplished artist. He had a couple of chances to post around these parts and both ended up badly. His posts shouldn't cover up his great work, however!

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Having seen some of his other work on the Web, I suppose it was only a matter of time before he blotted his copybook here, which is a shame.

Marcaek said:

Thanks a lot, these are indeed pretty nice.

You're welcome, sig_res.wad is apparently a collection of resources from Sigvatr's unfinished Annihilator and Hell Superior projects, so you can stop looking for those. A poke around my hard drive turned up some sky textures and a small set of other textures with recolours from his short-lived Advanced Doom website.

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haha yeah basically. I wish I would have saved more screenshots people posted before, it's a shame they're lost to domain issues etc

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Tango said:

does anyone have the screenshots from that thread by chance?

AFAIK - they're the same gifs you'll find inside sig_res.zip (linked above). Sigvatr was probably seeing how far he could stretch a moderators patience by posting them in batches of 10. :D

I found some Hell Superior-related texture and sprite previews in png format if anyone's interested.

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Meh - I had the resource thread on my mind. Haven't turned up any screenshots for that particular map.

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