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Hexen textures all weird? and mapping question.

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So, I just started making a new map for Hexen in Heretic in Hexen format, got a couple questions.
First off, my colors seem to be off when testing the map.

What's up with that? And how do I go about fixing it?
Second, I am using textures from
all in one mapset i'm working on.
Will that cause a problem or no?

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It's a palette issue, Heretic and Hexen differ a lot in that regard. If your wad's for Hexen, I suggest you use Slade's graphic format converter to remap any Heretic resources you're using to the Hexen palette.

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Why are you using the "Heretic in Hexen" format if you make a map for Hexen?

Don't be confused by the "in Hexen" thing. It's a question of map format, that is to say, how map data is written to files, the size and order that each piece of data has.

There's the Doom map format, and the Hexen map format. (And UDMF, and console formats.) Heretic and Strife didn't change the format from Doom, but they still use different values for things, sector effects, and line actions.

So you have config files for Doom Builder with names like "Doom in Hexen" or "Heretic in Hexen". The first name is the actual game (Doom or Heretic), the second is the data format. In short, if you use "Heretic in Hexen", you're making a map for Heretic. Not for Hexen.

And yes, the palettes are different.

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Clusterone666 said:

Ah ok, so my best bet would be just stick with one IWAD and doing it in Doom in Hexen format?

Stick with the Hexen IWAD and map for that game, switching to Doom in Hexen format is just creating more work for yourself by way of palette remapping, and (as Gez mentioned) you'd be mapping for Doom - not Hexen.

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Alright thank you :)
Turns out I have to go through and play through hexen again as the different classes as I've forgotten which class uses what xd

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