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Onslaught Six

/vr/ 200 Minute Vanilla Speedmap Compilation

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Download here from /idgames/

From the text file:
A megawad of vanilla maps, each made in 200 minutes.

/vr/ on 4chan got together and made a bunch of speedmaps. I say as a contributor that there are some great maps buried in here; give this a go for sure. (I am particularly fond of Demon HQ, Archives and 200 Minutes Of Tech.)

Give it a go and let us know how we did!

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Played up until MAP19 so far, and it's been very enjoyable. There are a bunch of neat ideas in these maps. Didn't know that the Doom generals on /vr/ did speedmapping as well.

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FDA max movie attempt with no sound, got up to map19 and died from a crusher. Lasts about 100 minutes, used iddt a couple times.

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I knew I forgot one of those speedmap sessions.

Bah. Good to see /vr/ showing up here.

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My FDAs, split into two archives because of the size limit.

This was surprisingly good, kind of like Killing Adventure meets Demonfear, but with more edge to it. KSShit threw in some genes as well, I guess. I played the first episode continously, but then I switched to pistol starts, because I was murdering good traps with infinite rockets and plasmas and armor. Quality goes up and down, but I didn't hate any of the maps, some just showed the rush or inexperience.

I found almost all secrets in all maps, because the activation linedefs are very kindly shown on the automap by not being flagged secret. :)

I really liked 01, it's a great opener. Plays and looks cute. 02 and 03 were rather simple in comparison. Textfile says 02 was done in 60 by mistake, so there's that, but 03 is a bit naive. Basically a single hubspoke that serves as a SSG gimmie.

Oh, right - there's a spechit overflow in 04, so use prboom+ for the demo. It happens when crossing the bars to the soulsphere secret, too many action linedefs get stepped on at once. Also the exit door hanging bodies are blocking in vanilla! Zdoomism right there.

05 has an easy glide right into the exit, hehe. The huge outside area is silly. 06 is pretty weird in looks and cramped gameplay both, I'd probably get tossed around more in a pistol start. 07 is a generic 07, should've tossed the manco/arach concept entirely or used it on the side for something cheeky, but 200minutes is tight, I guess.

08 has that good revenant trap, but the nukage room is dull and doesn't draw the player in, so potshots through the door it is, and then exit, heh. 09 I really liked, some nasty traps and ideas there, but I pretty much ruined the map with my OP continuous stack - this is where I knew I had to switch to pistol start, heh. Nice secret shortcuts, although the one going all the way to the exit ambush (nasty!) is overkill, imo. Blocking hanging body pieces strike back, tssk.

10 has some fun fights, but I feel like the mapper spent too much time on the SSG puzzle and then had to rush stuff, so doors aren't unpegged and some parts are fillerish. 11 I enjoyed a lot, the FDA was pretty suicidal in parts. Good fights and a nice McGee homage (or is it?) with the final room. 12 was decent fun, especially the bridge room is cool in a Chasm-like 1994 no fucks given way. The GA in the non-secret caco pen is nearly unreachable because of the teleporter on the water floor, heh. Soulsphere secret eluded me, the only one in the wad!

13 is rather simple and easy, the biggest issue was not rocketing myself on the snaggy pillars in the exit room. The berserk and rocket parts were good fun. 14 is great, really a complete map (minus some unpolished stuff and minor tech bugs). Well, I totally cheated the SSG fight by getting the hell out, should've blocked me in there. Love the complex layout reusing rooms.

15 consists of the first room, the big canyon (should've had more initial opposition, not just imps) and the two exit rooms. That's good. The rest is not-so-good filler with minimal action. 31 is great and actually well balanced for nazis, wow. Blocking hanging bodies destroy any danger in the PE room. 32 is... like, e2m9, heh. Silly little brutal gimmick. Good for the spot, I guess.

Wow, was 16 cramped. The final battle is pretty cool and the other ones are at least challenging thatnks to space constraints, but it's at the very limit of what's tolerable for player movement, heh. 17 seems overly huge for such a short map and I expected a cyb or a spider at any moment, but in the end I really liked what I got. Bite sized fun. Still, a cyb on the exit stairs could work, hehe.

I died in 18 for the first time. Because I went left at start and ended up in an inescapable hole. How anticlimatic. :P Pretty brutal map otherwise, I'd probably make the rev/caco/PE battle shorter, it tires a bit. I was close to death a few times, so the map does something quite right. The biggest danger in the cyb fight, however, is trying to grab the plasma in a pitch black room with nearly invisible blocking hanging bodies around the gun. Not cool. Also there's a radsuit overkill. I actually missed another secret here, tough one.

19 is an interesting gimmick, puts use to the spider for once, but there's too much barefooted nukage crawling for my taste. Also I cheesed the spider, hehe. And then I had to luck out with the archie, because I could've got cockblocked there so very hard. 20 is nuts, OP secrets everywhere, felt like 1994 again, or a map ending with a death exit, heh. The cyb fight was incredibly confusing, I just hoped I would telefrag him. 21 is very pretty (except for the weirdo lift), but the super-close ambush gameplay is not my thing.

22 is goofy and way too generous with resources, but I enjoyed it anyways. I got angry that the window at RK is impassible, that's a jerk move. 23 would work better if I actually were in the fights. I only enjoyed them at the beginning, then I sniper everything in the next room as the monsters desperately tried to trickle to my impenetrable safe spot. I couldn't fight the noble army after RK even if I wanted to, they block the exit and can't go in. (can they in Zdoom?)

24 is rather bare and simplistic again, and pretty easy too. I only fucked up the YK fight with the rev pair, btu that was my clumsiness on top of the room's open design. 25 was fun, especially the first RK room. Although doing the final puzzle with the cyb alive was too stressful for me, so I chaingunned him, heh. Also blocking hanging bodiesss in the cellar.

26 is pretty damn good, also dangerous. I liked this one a lot, maybe the entire exit wing is rather fillerish and slow. Oh and I totally ate revenant dick at YK because of backtracking into stupid protruding candlesticks and barriers, grrr. 27 is decent but quite easy invasion in vanilla, solid effort. Should've added viles, maybe even cyb, hehe.

28 is very tight on ammo. Should the cacos be chasing me away with no proper way to kill them? And I got lucky with the viles, I can't imagine dispatching the horde if they started darting around the room. The baron before the final maze is really, really pointless.

29... the fuck, rjy? I'll cut you. Had to cheat my way through. 30 I skipped because I don't like IoS maps.

Damn, I didn't want to write a novel but I totally did. This was pretty solid fun from a rather surprising source, gj.

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