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Doom props

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Have you ever made your own doom props or seen one? I mean guns, decorative objects and all sorts of doom related items. I remember once seeing doom chaingun prop on ebay and marine helmets somewhere else.

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The link for the BFG image seems broken now. :(

I wanted to see it too.

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That's some cool BFG! an a giant one.
I used to make Doom models with epoxy, at this time i've made and Arachnotron, Cacodemon, Lost Soul, and 50% of the DoomGuy. You can see my arachnotron model here:

It was my first model.

I've done props too, but they're just a SoulSphere, a Barrel, the Red Candle (large) and some weapons (i think they're the shotgun and the rocket launcher)

I'll probably post images but i'm feeling lazy today, and probably next week too, heh.

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Ledillman said:

Double post because of reasons and CHAINGUN and Super Shotgun:


Lucky enough to have a lot of images still alive and kickin'

Did you make those? I saw same exact chaingun on ebay years ago like I mentioned in my starting post. If I remember right, highest bidder bought it with 50$

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Nope, I didn't make those weapons/stuff, found it in old site while browsing doom objects in real life.

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