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Would Like To Get Into Doom Modding...

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There are tutorials there as well.

EDIT: Also, if you have having trouble with something in particular, or what you want to do is not included in those tutorials, using the search function of the forums will certainly yield some useful threads/links. Good luck.

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When I started I tried to get vanilla (basic) doom level design under my belt, before moving on to more complex types of modding. Doom Builder 2 is great for this. Once your ready to move on Slade 3 is essential for moving to the next step.

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This guy does loads of tutorials for both Vanilla (original) Doom and advanced ones for Source ports.

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Beginner's tip: Once you've downloaded and installed Doom Builder, and you get to want to select "New Level" from the drop-down, the "Level Name" dialogue box that then opens is not an invitation to get creative and call your map something unique and exciting. For Doom, the program is basically asking which map number between 01-32 you would like to have your new map from scratch overlap. The suggested "MAP01" is probably a good idea here, for convenience's sake, and trying to supplant this with "Ye Olde Caves Of Mysterious Treasur" won't yield a functional result.

Just one of those tiny stumbling blocks on your way towards your first map...

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PlasTip: start with classic Doom/Doom 2 first! I think is the better way to start mapping, then, you can move with ZDoom doom in hexen and/Or UDMF with their amazing stuff and things and plas.


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