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OBLIGE 6.10 released!

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Go get it here


+ new 'Weapons' setting
+ implemented the 'Powerups' setting
+ new 'Menu' button, replaces 'About' and 'Options'

+ new 'Config Manager' window
+ better window scaling, new 'Window Size' option
+ store options separately from normal settings

+ generate DOOM 1 episode name graphics
+ better outdoor borders (like in V5)
+ preliminary support for 3D floors

+ added 'tech_Gray' theme for DOOM, thanks to Mr. Chris
+ new 'Egypt' theme for TNT Evilution, courtesy Mr. Chris
+ new 'Theme Control' module for DOOM 1 and 2
+ new 'Music Swapper' module (for Boom compatible ports)

! removed the 'Seed' setting
! removed the 'Hide Modules' option
! reverted indoor lighting to a simpler model
! curvey corners are not working atm

- support upto 8 players in CO-OP mode
- new 'Steepness' setting for Level Control module
- new theme choices: Mostly Tech, Mostly Urban, Mostly Hell
- reorganized the 'Theme' menu, added a separator

- tweaked the DOOM monster mix
- small reduction in the overall health in levels
- small increase in number of bonus items per level
- increased size of exclusion zones around teleporters
- sometimes change the pacing near the exit room

- added a couple of special doorways for caves
- added arch-shaped doorway for Urban and Hell themes
- better secret connections in outdoor rooms
- better texturing for outdoor fences
- build all doors and fences using the wad-fab system
- build all stairs and lifts via wad prefabs

- CSG: better handling of Y offsets
- CSG: improved handling of railing textures
- support 3D floors in wad prefabs
- better logic for finding monster and item spots

- caves: improved floor texturing in flat caves
- caves: never place pickup items in liquid areas
- caves: if not many caves, keep texturing consistent
- caves: added some waterfalls near lakes

- fixed error when setting Monster Variety to "none"
- fixed uncounted secrets that lead into CAVE rooms
- fixed Psychedelic theme using SKY1/2/3 as a normal texture
- fixed the silly "free standing" archways and doors
- fixed the weird metal walls in large scenic areas
- fixed pegging on lifts in slime pits

- fixed rare infinite loop when planning cave rooms
- fixed torches in caves to never obstruct the player
- fixed missing automap names for TNT and Plutonia maps
- fixed secret sectors from being split by lighting
- fixed rare problem of co-op player stuck in cave wall

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That was answered in the FAQ.

Q/ Why was the Seed setting removed?

The primary reason is because it does not serve any useful purpose anymore. The original idea was to allow people to share the seed number and reproduce the exact same level. This requires all other settings to be the same, which was fairly easy when there were only a handful of settings, but now it is a lot harder (especially with modules, it may require ensuring that 100 settings are exactly the same). These days it is easier to just share the generated wad.

The only other purpose is what I call the "toy" aspect, an ability to just throw in some number (like 666 or your birthday) and see what comes out. Well, for me that is not a good enough reason to keep it.

Finally, it seems nobody was really happy with how the Seed setting worked -- it was never long enough, was not random enough, etc.... For such a small part of the user interface, the amount of complaints and misunderstanding was incredible, and at times quite demoralizing for me personally.

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3D Floors are cool. I also like how there aren't HOM everywhere like in that one version a while back.

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Jaxxoon R said:

3D Floors are cool. I also like how there aren't HOM everywhere like in that one version a while back.

That's a very cool feature, but it needs to be toggle-able. Also, some love for EE's portals is in order!

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3D floors can be turned off in the Level Control module, and 3D floors are supported for engines that can utilize such things, meaning you can make a bunch of Boom compat maps without worry of that.

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(WARNING: The thread you are replying to is more than three months old. You should carefully consider if your message is important enough to warrant bumping the thread.

Have no worry, friendly red message! Phml posts are always of the utmost importance.)

So half a year after everyone else, I discover Oblige 6.10 has 3D floors! Wow, loving that update. This makes layouts so much more dynamic and unpredictable. I think one of the biggest problem of Oblige is the frontloaded nature of every room. No triggers, no monsters porting in or coming out of closets, so you open a door and you see immediately how it's going to play out. While 3D floors don't change that directly, toying with the Y dimension adds an extra layer of confusion. You can't just see the whole situation in one glance anymore. Add to that 3D floors are so rare even in ZDoom maps making ample use of advanced features, playing levels filled with these make it a fairly fresh experience. Almost like playing some hybrid of Quake and Doom.

Digging the small improvements here and there in architecture, arch-shaped doorways and such (not so sure about the lifts). The program keeps getting better and better at giving the illusion of man-made levels. Nice.

...So this bump might seem somewhat pointless, but seeing as the thread got so few replies, perhaps other casual Oblige followers may have skimmed over this update as well? If so, I strongly encourage you to give it a go. The differences between 6.05 and 6.10 are huge.

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The only problem with the 3D floors is if you die in co-op in Zandronum you will be placed on the bottom floor rather than the spot you died if on it...or in architecture just below (the metal pillars). This happened to a friend and he couldn't get out at all and had to spectate, losing all his gained equipment.

This is definitely a problem with Zandronum and not Oblige itself.

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Another problem with 3D floors is that custom (non-DOOM) monsters cannot be placed on them, since it uses Fragglescript to place them and Fragglescript only supports spawning standard DOOM things.

[ I assumed Fragglescript would use same id numbers for spawn() as used in a map, then had an "oh crap, really?" moment when found out what it actually uses and half the code had already been written ]

P.S. cheers Phml for that feedback, I understand what you mean by "frontloaded" rooms, that is something I'm gonna think about......

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