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New DM19 Help!

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i'm have done the map dm19 for new version of freedm but i'm having poblems whit outside.
I'm not a mapper i'm a editor, my abilities on editing is good but i dont have any idea to edit outside if someone have plaase help, here is some screenshots (sorry for the lines it was debug map test).


map here -> https://www.sendspace.com/file/sybz9n

Obs. This map is original from Catoptromancy, CDM.Wad
if possible try to keep vannila compat.

some of our chat in irc, i was trying to find some ideas but... (I and cato), before there is things of i'll do so do the outside and i'll fix inside. this chat is a bit long :\
<Protox> the map is much big outside
<Protox> heh i take the map early done :P
<Protox> only some touch ups
<Catoptromancy> lower far outside edge
<Catoptromancy> so it looks like it flows forever
<Catoptromancy> no waterwall
<Protox> but the sky will be fully visible
<Protox> :S
<Catoptromancy> yes
<Protox> i think
<Protox> so you want to see a city inside of water outside
<Protox> is a bit odd idea
<Catoptromancy> lots of maps have that
<Catoptromancy> so it looks like it goes on forever
<Catoptromancy> instead of an island in a box
<Protox> i was thinking in a canion outside
<Protox> but ouside has already 120 visplanes
<Protox> and near 190 linedefs
<Protox> poor is the fact of vannila
<Protox> dont have lines of horizon
<Catoptromancy> make it boom
<Catoptromancy> its a good map33+
<Protox> dont dont have lines of horizon too
<Protox> is a zdoom or up feature
<Catoptromancy> vanilla does have horizon
<Catoptromancy> make sky on ceiling
<Protox> line of horizon
<Catoptromancy> and low that
<Catoptromancy> lower
<Protox> is a linedef action
<Protox> to make sky hit floor
<Catoptromancy> zdoom does it with a single line
<Catoptromancy> vanilla needs 2 sectors
<Protox> whitout duplicate then

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