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A good sprite editor

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Anybody have good advice on good sprite editing software? Not only with Doom in mind, but making a new actor for Doom pretty much covers the bases for what I currently need. I've been using Photoshop Elements for some good results, but this has its limitations. I need a professional 2D animations package, for low-res work. The editor should:

- allow frame previewing (flipping through images) without scaling the next image back down to the default monitor resolution (like Windows' image previewer does)
- support functions for working with many low res frames at the time.
- basically, it needs to have a good frames previewer.
- work well with color-limited indexed palettes
- be purchase enabled (I'm not looking for unstable betas, w4r3z, or subscriptions, etc.)

I suppose Deluxe Paint II running on DOS box would be a good option, but I'd prefer a Windows 7 compatible program.

EDIT: Moved category from Dumb -> Help.

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msquid said:

Check out Pro Motion, it might be the right tool. I haven't used it myself, so cannot say if it's any good. They have an evaluation version for download:

That one does look sweet. I've already downloaded the trial, but haven't dared venture out of my Photoshop bubble to install and apply to a specific task. Thought I'd check here to see if anybody might have any hands-on experience first. Hard to find good sprite forums. I'd try Deviantart, but I think they're mostly focused on high-res stuff.

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jmickle66666666 said:

Rad. At a glance, Graphicsgale looks like the hot ticket for me on that list.

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Just in case: In 2017 GraphicsGale became Freeware. Powerful tool imho.


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The next question is, do any of those natively support non-square pixels? Doom sprites/textures properly have a 5:6 pixel aspect ratio (slightly taller than wide). I've been using GIMP partly because it does support that*. It's the only free program I know of that does.


* Image > Print Size > set the horizontal resolution so it's 1.2x the vertical (for example, 6 dpi x 5 dpi)**. Then View > uncheck "Dot for Dot", and it will scale accordingly. Also, in tool options, set the "Aspect Ratio" slider to 0.20 to compensate.


** My own display is 70 dpi, and I ran the numbers: 168 * 140 pixels/ft, viewed at 100%, makes each texel scale to exactly 5x6 pixels.

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On 1/14/2020 at 5:25 AM, Spineapple tea said:

I've used paint.net for everything. Image editing, drawing, sprite editing, everything.



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