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Doom 64 EX Levels on IDgames

Would you like to see a Doom 64 category on Idgames?  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to see a Doom 64 category on Idgames?

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I noticed that The IDgames archvies does not have a category for DooM 64 EX levels.

I'm currently making a Doom 64 EX mapset but I don't know where or how I could put it on the Archive.

Are there plans to extend the archives categories to have Doom 64 EX levels, It might make the source port a bit more known.

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Last time I mentioned the issue to Ty, he said to put it in the themes directory. So you know how the boilerplate readme includes a line for Archive maintainer? In that line, write "Please place in themes/doom64"

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