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Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v2.6.3 (9/2018)

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Hi there,


Can you further explain what changing it to /idgames means? I'm currently not seeing a problem on my end. I've tried a couple different mirrors (which you can change in the settings).


Doom Launcher doesn't support changing the load order of files inside a zip. I'm guessing you are trying to load something between Ashes2063Maps.wad and Ashes2063Mod.pk3. Your best option would be to extract those files out of the zip and add them to Doom Launcher so they are separate files, then you can control the load order.

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by /idgames i mean the tab in the launcher.


As for what i mean.

Doomworld.com/idgames is a legacy location

Doomworld.com/files is the new location for mods.


Does your launcher support the new Doomworld.com/files location? because i couldn't find a way to get it to work.


It pulls up doomworld.com/idgames just fine but it only lists like 30 mods.


Also thank you for the reply.

I will rearrange my mods then to make that easier.

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I understand now. As far as I know there is no API implemented to access the data through the new downloads page. Until there is some sort of API Doom Launcher will be stuck using the legacy idgames database.

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Thank you for the timely responses.


with a slight change in thinking i've managed to get it working great for me.

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is there a way to sort on Untagged?  I have a lot of wads and often forget something about them - I download and don't categorize immediately and have to open that archive or run it again to remember?  It would great to be able to see untagged anyway.  Maybe a column that just has a check for "Tagged" and if you hover you see what they are?

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