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Crusher Expermient

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Looks like fun!!

the huge scale of your map exposes your textures' obviously repeating patterns. You might need some custom made giant textures for your project to make it look nicer. You're kinda stuck with 64x64 sized flats though. I'm curious how it might look if you drew some kind of wavy pattern with sectors across your major flat areas and used similar textures with marginally different patterns on them. I may be able to help you with that if you'd like.

in any case, the number of item pickups I can see in those screenshots makes me scared to play it!!

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I'm sorry, I'd like to download the wad, but "workupload.com" doesn't work for me. Can you please upload the wad to a site like Filesmelt.com, Sendspace, Dropbox or Mediafire?

The screenshots are showing some pretty large areas. They are detailed, but in a way that doesn't seem all that great (often purposeless, and still somehow bland). I'm curious how such a thing will play.

EDIT: Also, rightly, you shouldn't post so big images in <img> tags, if they're over 800x600 px and 20 kB. I'm only warning you because some forum moderators here are strict about it.

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Those skies...

They are beautiful, remind me almost of Xen. (I wish there was some Xen inspired maps out there)

How did you make them/Where did you get them from?

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So the maps are actually slaughtermaps with extreme monster counts. I've suspected it, but one can never be sure when the mapper is new and unknown yet.

I'm personally not into slaughtermaps at all. As far as I can tell, the maps seemed good from the ingame perspective - visuals were made well, and gameplay had some hard "semi-unfair" moments, which I suppose is good for a challenging slaughtermap. Fighting in darkness was interesting for me, until I was hopelessly overwhelmed by cacos and PEs. On the other hand, MAP31 for example was just a really-over-the-top exercise in circle strafing.

I'm not condemning your mapping, at all! It's just me who can't stand slaughtermaps. I believe your maps have a lot of good in them. But better let some actual slaughterplayer to judge these maps properly.

EDIT: Also, it's great that you've implemented difficulty settings, so I can at least try on HNTR.

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