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DOOM 2 20th Anniversary Map Pack

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of DOOM 2 in September 2014, I've compiled my best 32 maps from the last 18 years into a huge map pack which I'll release shortly before DOOM's anniversary.

You can download the WAD file here:

I've worked hard during the last 2 years to close the gaps in the map list. The result is a continuous storyline which is close to the original storyline of DOOM 2 (about 50% of the maps match the original map titles, e.g. there will be a new version of "Downtown" and "Abandoned Mines"). To boost the feeling of a continuous story, the end room of each map is identical to the starting room of the next map. For this I reworked the starting room of some old maps to match the end room of the "gap-filling" maps that I've build during the last 2 years.

All maps have been designed for and play-tested with original DOOM 2 (in DOSBox) and should therefore be compatible with all mods.

I'll post some screenshots in this thread everyday. The first screenshots will be rather ordinary but they'll become more and more impressive everyday. And finally I'll post the link where to download the map pack. All screenshots have been made with Doomsday.

MAP05 - Grasslands

MAP07 - Haunted Chapel

MAP15 - Trainyard

MAP25 - Bloodfalls

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Looks like some really nice work, Brandon D. I'm sure the authors would appreciate it if you included their respective credits in the text file.

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Uhh I think he kind of made these maps and kind of never released them before. What the hell are you talking about guys?

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I don't recognize them either, and I'm quite willing to be incorrect on this one, especially in light of those train textures. A compilation of this sort reminded me of Lade's old hobby of cataloging and matching things, and also posting in Blogs.

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Yeah I didn't really infer Lade from anything here, "my best 32 maps from the last 18 years" is an interesting statement though, implies that the author has more stuff lurking in the dark, if not up to snuff

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Thanks for all the feedback! Just for clarification: All 32 maps are new maps from scratch created by me. The older maps have been created between 1996 and 1999 and then after a long break in map-making (though I never stopped playing DOOM during that time) I've build all other maps from 2012 to 2014 (I worked almost every weekend on them during the last 2 years). None of the 32 maps has ever been released before.

Ok, here we go with the next 4 screenshots.

MAP01 - Spaceport

MAP11 - Nuclear Plant

MAP16 - Suburbs

MAP26 - Abandoned Mines

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Today we'll have a look at one of my oldest maps (well, even 18 years later I think the design isn't that bad for one of my first maps). Another 18 years old map (for now only the exterior view - inside it's really chaotic, but by intention). And two new maps from the last 2 years. The "Tricks'n'Traps" level is really huge and I made tons of screenshots, so I had difficulties to choose which to post today. Well, I decided to not show too much of the map layout for now, but instead picked a screenshot which demostrates the high detail grade of the newer maps.

MAP04 - Sky Oracle

MAP08 - Tricks'n'Traps

MAP21 - Nirvana

MAP29 - Temple of Doom

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4 more screenshots. "Underhalls" was the first map (created in 1996) when I had the idea to create a remake of the original DOOM 2 maps. The goal was to create a map pack with a continuous storyline and each map coming as close as possible to the original map title but with a much more realistic design (in my opinion most of the original DOOM 2 maps just consist of a couple of rooms that would have no use in the real world - where are the production machines in "Factory"? - where are the sleeping and living rooms in "Downtown" and "Suburbs"?).

MAP02 - Underhalls

MAP12 - Factory

MAP18 - Sewage Works

MAP31 - Mountains of Solitude

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Time for another 4 screenshots. All maps have been built between 1997 and 1999, however two of them quickly reached the limits of DETH editor, so I discarded them. 15 years later I rediscovered them when browsing some old maps and finished them using Doom Builder 2. Both map became really huge and pretty cool now.

MAP09 - The Pit

MAP13 - Downtown

MAP20 - Cacoville

MAP28 - The Great Temple

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Most of these shots have a classic DOOM2.WAD vibe to them, I like them.

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Here we go with the next 4 screenshots. Two old maps (1996/1997) and two new maps (2013/2014). The maps with the light details and new textures are the newer maps.

MAP03 - The Great Labyrinth

MAP17 - Streetwars

MAP22 - Catacombs

MAP27 - The Dark

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We're almost done. 8 maps left. Here we go with the first half. 2 medium size maps and 2 large maps, including the episode final "Icon of Sin". There you have to beat many bosses before you face the icon of sin, where you have to figure out another way to kill John Romero's head.

MAP06 - Grasslands II

MAP19 - Outpost of Hell

MAP24 - The Chasm

MAP30 - Icon of Sin

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And finally the last 4 maps, including the 2 largest maps I've ever built. One in terms of area (I think even a speed run would take 15 minutes or more), and one in file size (844 kb due to high detail level).

MAP10 - Sewers

MAP14 - Hidden Valley

MAP23 - Barrels o' Fun

MAP32 - Kitana's Castle

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Now we've seen one screenshot of each map. But since it's an anniversary map pack, I can't release it before September. To kill the time till that, we'll have a closer look at the larger maps on the next days.

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Just release the damn wad, this is getting silly, especially since the pictures aren't that mindblowing anyway, most of them are quite basic actually. So it's not like millions of people constantly monitor this thread anxiously waiting for a new update (reality check).

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I'm a sucker for OS / fairly basic Doom maps, as long as the layouts are fun, so I want to play this. It looks like it'l tick all my boxes, as it were. That said, I totally agree with Memfis, I hope you decide to release it sooner than September, unless you're still bugfixing or something. Judging by the screens, this should be quite fun for coop!

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I know, some of you already getting impatient. But I spent years into this project and don't want people to just download the map pack and simply rush through the maps killing anything that blocks their way to the exit switch without enjoying the maps. Especially the newer and larger maps are full of details that you probably don't notice when only focusing on battling monsters.

So I like to show you some interesting places of MAP08 "Tricks'n'Traps" and some of its features.

This map has lot of locked doors, but you don't need any key to unlock the exit room. However it will be pretty hard (or even impossible?) to reach the exit alive without having access to the locked rooms. Watch out for a secret near the starting room (you have to kill less than 10 monsters to reach it). The secret holds all 3 keys, but in single player mode you can pick up only one. So there are 3 different ways to solve this map (4 if you want to try it without a key).

There is also slightly different pathing for each difficulty mode, which means you might run into a trap if you take the same way in hard mode as you took in normal mode.

Poison is leaking from the toxic underground river into the military base. And a landslide is blocking the other side of the corridor.

Did the army do experiments with arch viles? Or did the lord of hell put some insurgent arch viles to death after taking over the base?

The ugly central room of the base. You will hate it because you have to cross it several times.

A few soldiers retreated into this secret room, but there was no escape from hell's army.

It's not enough that the military base has countless rooms and corridors, there are also secret caves below the base. Much to explore in this map.

Make this elevator work and you're close to escaping from this painful military base.

The upper end of the elevator. What you see is the entrance to the base, so the signs refer to the sublevels of the base (where you came from).

The base entrance from outside. Here the soldiers lost their first battle against the invaders. Too bad, the door is blocked, so you have to search for another exit.

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(MAP08 continued)

Nice room, isn't it? But you need a key to enter it.

Another nice room. Which requires another key.

Heavy fights with explosive ammo have opened a breach to a grave-chamber.

We're deep below the base here. One of the best hidden secrets in this map.

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Today we want to have a look at MAP10 "Sewers", the largest map in the episode. This map is set in the sewers and suburbs of an US megacity. You have to travel through the poisoned sewers from one district to the other and find all 3 keys to reach the exit.

To survive in this map, you better don't waste any radiation shielding suits, because you'll need them all. And carefully search for secrets. This map is full of them. You can find valuable shielding suits and even shortcuts between districts. And carefully inspect crates. As in all maps in this episode, there are many crates that can be opened.

The invaders from hell polluted the sewers and dug many new tunnels and caves.

And they're now ruling the city.

You'll often have to leave the sewers to explore the suburbs in search of the keys.

The countless houses and buildings contain useful items that you should pick up before returning to the sewers.

Inspect all houses. You may find a breach in the wall of a basement that leads to another part of the sewers which saves you a long way through the poisoned water.

Before you go back to the sewers and activate the next radiation shielding suit, you should take a look at the map, because the sewers are a painful maze.

When your shielding suit expires, it's time to use the next exit from the sewers and find a new shielding suit.

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(MAP10 continued)

But being back at the surface doesn't mean that you're safe. All districts are populated by monsters now.

The deeper you venture into the city, the bigger the monsters are.

Even holy ground has been turned into a deadly place.

And the deeper you venture into the sewers ...

... the stranger the places are that you encounter.

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MAP13 "Downtown" is set around a 9 floors high hotel with some surrounding buildings and streets. This map introduces the "Hotel", "VAN", and "TV" themes, which return in some later maps. Again it's important to search for secrets because you probably run low on health and ammo without them. One secret also contains a hint where to find the exit to the first secret level.

Welcome to Hotel Hell!

The hotel guards don't like space marines.

The guys in the control center can see everything. At least till you destroyed the surveillance cameras.

It's difficult to make lifts that support 9 floors and besides that the DOOM engine doesn't support floors on top of each other. So consider these teleporters to be lifts.

The "Lara" suite: King-size bed, pay TV, whirlpool, balcony.

The previous guest didn't check-out in time before hell's army took over the hotel.

On request we also offer pay TV on the normal rooms.

The meeting room in the penthouse is currently being used by hell's generals to talk about sealing earth's fate. You better hurry up there to veto against their plans.

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