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Good Deathmatch wads that are gothic styled?-Factory setting-rusty textures GothicDM?

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I am looking for Gothic style Doom Deathmatch wads, like GothicDM, Factory settings, rusty textures, just dark stuff

if you have any could you send me a link? I want some inspirational stuff for my own Mega wad project, which isn't even half way done, which I am hoping to make like, 32 maps for. It's actually going very well, other than writters block... Well I can only make one every few days, so I am at 12 maps, plus about 10 more sketches I will use, check my profile for a to all my wads from earlier 2014, I have a few more, I'll send you a link if you PM me

One last thing, I am looking for MIDI's, I have every single NIN MIDI ever! No more of that! Soundgarden is cool, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, even Slaughterhouse MIDI's, gonna need more dark stuff, like Sweet Dreams MM remix... I FORGOT!! My new wad has Jazz remix songs! I like Jazz and Big Band, also Industrial rock!

So MIDI's and map ideas, thanks :)

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Search for crucified dreams, onslaught 3, execution death matches, that might help.

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