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maps by a 6/yo demos. [-complevel 2]

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Map 1 UV-Max in 0:34.
Map 2 UV-Max in 0:30.
Map 3 UV-Max in 1:39.
Map 3 Pacifist in 0:11.
Map 4 UV-Max in 0:32.
Map 5 UV-Max in 0:32.
Map 5 Pacifist in 0:19.
D2ALL UV-Speed in 1:23.


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(New post because I maybe messed something up with the attachment in the previous one)


Map 05 NM Speed - 0:19.66 - 6y05n019.zip


I used this map to practice my SR50 running, doors etc. I studied 4shockblast's pacifist UV run and basically tried to replicate it as close as I could. Obviously, my movement isn't nearly as accurate and it took quite a lot of attempts to get it under 20.


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