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Any space themed skyboxes out there?

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Do you just mean a standard Doom sky, or an actual skybox? There is a difference, with skyboxes being supported by most GL ports.

If you're just after space-themed skies, then yes, there are plenty.
This thing I posted recently has a bunch, and there are lots from other wads to grab.

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Breezeep said:

I actualy ment the starry skyboxes. (like in stardate and vrack)

What you are referring to are not skyboxes but skytextures.
You should learn the difference for future reference.

It is very easy to make your own skytexture.
Just peruse the NASA image archive and download/save your favourite.
Make sure it tiles seamlessly, otherwise it will display a noticable seam.
Then, as in vrack, copy the skytexture into your map between PP_START and PP_END.

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Starry space skies are like the easiest sky texture to make. Here's a bunch I whipped up while waiting for something. Click to get full-size:

You need to chop them up into 256x128 patches and assemble them in the Texture editor of SLADE. Vrack3 does this as an example.

If you like them, you can use them for whatever you want, on the condition that you learn the difference between a sky texture and a skybox and use the correct terminology from now on ;P

e: darker version of the first one because I don't like it

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