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Zorah releases Doom Gaiden

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So, I'm still in the middle of playing this 5 map wad and it's pretty damn good. I've got a couple of playthroughs to look at if you're interested as well as the link to his site to get the download.
Review should be coming shortly

Link to Zorah's download page: http://zorasoft.net/doom.html

Level 1 playthrough (not the whole map - only a small portion at the end)

Level 2 playthrough (again - just a taste)


As always - the link to DWS for all the new reviews


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Solid Snake said:

Looks pretty good, i think i'll play it.

Yup. Just finished work. Heading back into it now

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I have a few choice words, I'd like to say to zorah right now after getting my ass repeatedly kicked in level 4 but he did warn me in the text file so i have nobody to blame but myself. so, i'll go with one choice word for the entire four map set ----- brilliant! Actually, I'll add a few more it was maniacal in every sense of the word - absolute genius - from the design, to the way he continuosly made sure that you were not going to be lacking for badasses to tangle with - unbelievably awesome set of maps to play - maybe some of the best i've ever played. this was zorah at his absolute masochistic best!

get the review and dl here: http://www.doomwadstation.net/2014/gaiden/

I also included a video from each map (just a piece mind you) for you to check it out with before downloading

Zorahs website: http://zorasoft.net/doom.html

Set some time aside for this - also, there is a "bonus" 5th map (map 13) which isn't part of the Gaiden mapset apparently, but I've started playing through it and it looks good - as can only be expected from Zorah

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Initial thoughts: Sweet - always nice to see a ZDoom mapset, and this seems very Simplicity-inspired, which is still one of my favorites. This should be good! *downloads*

Thoughts after playing: ...Bleh.

Not a fan of the repetitively flat and tight corridor-based gameplay (sectors barely reached past 128 in height), and the monster counts seem grossly overinflated (300 on MAP02? whutdafuq), making the maps seem to go on for a bit longer than they should have. There was way too much backtracking through already-visited areas only to find more enemies waiting in ambush. Some areas seemed blatantly copy-and-pasted from previous maps - I could swear that in one part of MAP03, I was back in MAP02.

The weapons no longer being automatic reeeeeally bugged me. There's suddenly a whole lot more clicking involved and this always hampers gameplay substantially. Props for the grenade launcher and some of the new monsters, though. They do add some interesting mechanics to the game, although altering the behaviors of some of the Doom monsters (like the barons and arachnotrons) made them aggravating to fight.

I also didn't quite get the insistence on using ZDoom scripts on locked doors. It meant their colors no longer showed up on the automap, and the slowly-typed messages and the purposeful delays before them actually opening were annoying. Plus the HUD messages overlapped. I mean come on, that's literally the easiest thing to change about ZDoom HUD messages.

I missed the cell weapon(s) completely, so I didn't have them for the final boss fight. If they were only available in one secret area I swear to God...

Wouldn't recommend this personally - if I played it again my opinion on it would unlikely change - but give it a shot, it might be up your alley.

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