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Russian Speedmapping Contest # 12

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20 JULY, 15:00 MSK - 11:00 UTC is time Russian Speedmapping Contest # 12 will be held on. At this time in this thread will be published one of these themes (it will be random-choosed):
1) Ancient town
2) Space base
3) Hell
4) From underground up to the light
5) Going through the hidden path
6) Nature
7) Transfer from one style to other
Your goal will be to make a map in the specified style within 4 hours 15 minutes and send it to me via PM (don't post maps in the thread!), so 15:15 UTC will be deadline. For every minute of arrear participant will get -0,1 point of penalty, which will be applied to the final mark.
After a little time from 15:15 UTC I will post an archive with speedmaps. Please post a comment and 2 marks for every map (from 0 to 10).
1) First mark: your common impressions for the map - design, gameplay, pleasure of playing the map.
2) Second mark: conformity to the theme.
After the voting simple average for every map will be calculated and results will be posted. The voting will end on August 3, 23:59.
You can use textures only from this pack: http://filesmelt.com/dl/TEX12F.wad .
Map format - Boom. Maps without new music will not be accepted.
Tentative participants list:
Dragon Hunter
WAD Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytxrrah5scevcvf/SPD12.zip
There are 2 tables in the archive: common results table (there maps are sorted by their numbers) and places-only table.
1st place - BigMemka
2nd place - Obsidian
3rd place - Memfis
Thanks all participants for participation and maps, my congrats to winners and thanks Archi for making places table and help in making common results table :).

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Will it be Boom compatible or limit-removing mapping?

Can I participate, please?

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Sorry, I forgot to write it, Boom-compatible.

scifista42 said:

Can I participate, please?

Of course, anyone can.

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Yeah, you don't have to sign up to participate, that list is mainly just for the hype (you see a lot of people so you want to join too).
Btw the map authors will not be revealed during the voting stage (please don't reveal yourself either) so another fun activity will be trying to guess who is who.

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Just to clarify: if you want to use one of standart texture pack skies (Sky1 - Dominion sky, Sky2 - Sky3 from Memento Mori, Sky3 - Requiem Sky3) just make your map for wanted slot: map01, map12 or map21.
Also, maps without new music will not be accepted.

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Plut said:

59 mins from this post.

Does it mean we have to start now? And yeah, sign me in, the second name of my nickname is real and that means I'm russian.

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No, you start 59 minutes from that post and map for 4 hours. You don't even have a theme anyway.

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NO, you have to start in 59 mins from my previous post and you'll have 4 hours 15 mins.

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Plut said:

Theme: Ancient town

Put me on the list.
It's already more then 15:00 now, when will you pack it all up into one episode?

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hihi, idk who gets to vote on this thing, but I'm just posting to say map06 kicked ass. nice work, whoever made that one.

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well in that case....

(personal view) : (theme conformity)

MAP01: (5):(3)

AV pinning is an effective way to constrain player movement, felt this one went a little overboard with it though, the second arena that you tele into was probably my favorite. didn't really get an 'ancient' vibe. Also a pretty interesting choice for map01 :p

MAP02: (4):(6)

With the exception of the skylit library it did kind of feel like I was wandering through alleyways and such, so I got a bit more of the town vibe from this one.

MAP03: (3):(5)

Felt the most like a speed-map of the ones thus far, a strange mixture of too much flat space and a lot of shit to get caught on.

MAP04: (4):(4)

Tanrock extravaganza.

MAP05: (3):(8)

The opening area was the first thus far that I feel really nailed the whole ancient-ruined-town thing. The gameplay though..

MAP06: (9):(8)

Pretty much exactly the type of gameplay I like nowadays, claustrophobic and puzzley. Looks great too, a rotting overgrown temple. I'm curious to find out who made this one.

MAP07: (0):(0)


MAP08: (4):(9)

Pretty cool environment, like a town ripped apart by an earthquake or something. gameplay was a bit sloppy.

MAP10: (3):(1)

Eh. No real effort to conform to the theme.

MAP11: crashes prb+, ohwell.

MAP12: (6):(4)

Gave me that MM2-ish vibe that I tend to associate with memfis maps nowadays. well put together overall. I like the unusual red key usage.

MAP13: (6):(3)

Texturing was all over the place so it was hard to really feel a solid theme. Gameplay was pretty tight/punishing. plut, is that you? :p

MAP14: (3):(3)

Ruins maybe, town eh. Felt awkward to move around.

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Keyboard_Doomer said:

Do you have the latest No crash here, just some graphical bug after going down the elevator.

I have, not the absolute-latest version, compiled it a couple months ago. Haven't been motivated to keep up to date with every change, but if a significant bugfix or something happened recently (that apparently affects this map particularly) I suppose it's time to update.

anyways, because I missed this one:

MAP09: (5):(3)

Hurray gigantic open-scale slaughtery fights. I know who's map this is :D. Very easy, last fight aside. I had wished that I would've been locked into that BK room with the cyb, would've been tenser that way. Didn't particularly feel the ancient town theme with this one.

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Quick runthroughs...

MAP01: Skipped, too many monsters

MAP02: Meh. Nice little trick with the AV at the start, but the rest was some boring corridor ambling. Outdoors were too blandly bright, indoors a bit too dark. Felt a bit like a town, not necessarily an ancient one though (looking at you, metal ductwork!)
Overall: 4
Theme: 5

MAP03: Decent start and middle, good setpiece design. Still not feeling necessarily ancient, but nothing stands out as too modern, and I like the use of the grass. The end is a bit of a letdown as the four barons don't stop the player advancing at all, and there's some misaligned windows on the back of the buildings.
Overall: 6
Theme: 5

MAP04: Very oddly boxy design, and lots of strangely-used textures, such as BSTONE (what I consider a "brick" texture) for an underground cavern and ZIMMER switches that don't match anything surrounding them. Oh, and the non-secret picture switch. And the weird fake teleport at the end.
Overall: 3
Theme: 3

MAP05: 1766 monsters, pass (a shame because it actually looks nice).

MAP06: A cool map and challenging yet fun to play. Only complaint gameplay-wise is that the shells on the fountain are a pain to grab and the Cyberdemon at the end is easily skipped in a rush to the exit. I don't really feel like it's an ancient town so much as an abandoned modern one - the light fixtures kinda work against the "ancient" design. But nice looking otherwise.
Overall: 9
Theme: 7

MAP07: Lots of pitch blackness, not ancient or a town at all (tons of techbase textures) before devolving into Nazi imagery (including a rocket-launching Hitler portrait). Utter dreck.
Overall: 0
Theme: 0

MAP08: Agree with Ribbiks, the design here seems to be a pretty cool town ripped apart by an earthquake. Didn't mind the gameplay as much, though the use of instapop enemies (or in the Spider Mastermind's case, a slow rise that looks really strange) was kinda annoying. There's also a nodebuilder error somewhat near the RL.
Overall: 7
Theme: 8

Ok, that's it for now, play the rest later.

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Overall / Theme

Map 01 -- 3 / 2
Quite the pace to kick off with. Gameplay is a sort of oldschool slaughter-plus (like HR on steroids maybe, lots of immobile monster blocks that suppress the area) that suffers for having little in the way of pacing and not much of a relevant vertical element. I'd say the theme here is 'Plutonia E2', not 'Ancient Town.' ;)

Map 02 -- 4 / 4
Average but reasonable gameplay; arch-vile setpiece at the beginning plus early surge of monsters towards the start point are its best aspects, after that it tapers off into routine room-clearing. More successful with the theme than map 01, has an abandoned (though not necessarily 'ancient') village air to it. Some of the representationalist stuff inside (fireplaces, etc.) is very 90s PWAD, somehow.

Map 03 -- 3 / 5
Much the same story as map 02, but gameplay is a little more dry, with a limited number of weak monsters filling out a lot of open space; distant chaingunners are the only real concern, and more of a nuisance than a threat. Again with the abandoned village theme, but this one seems more genuinely ruinous (thus ancient) than map 02's.

Map 04 -- 2 / 3
Assuming this is Joe-ilya's map, the directionless jumble of triangular sectors in the first area and the obnoxious music selection are two traits I mentally associate with his mapping. Gameplay is very haphazard and basic. The texture selection is appropriate, but the structure/architecture is far too abstract to earn it many points for the theme (even by IWAD / 90s PWAD standards).

Map 05 -- 3 / 6
I feel like giving this higher marks than it probably really deserves because it does have a nice nostalgic atmosphere to it, followed by a genuinely unexpected surprise--there's some vague abstract ruins at the start that seem very old and very sad somehow, and then a line of mortar rowhouses facing some strange old altar or dais.....and then it's Turbocharged Arcade all of a sudden...? Of all the things one wouldn't expect to see in a Russian speedmap compilation....Gameplay unfortunately is rather poor, starts out very tedious/repetitive and then takes the 'quantity over quality' route later.

Map 06 -- 8 / 8
Agree with Ribbiks, this is rather good, and likely the pick of the litter. Gameplay uses a small number of monsters in combination with limited but sufficient space in order to prompt the player to do some nice calisthenics, and has a decent climax. Aesthetically it's rather appealing as well, marble/vines/water striking a nice contrast with the very beige/dusty approach many of the other maps take. There's even a basic simulation of some old aqueduct apparatus that figures in the map progression in a relevant way. Good work, whoever made this.

Map 07 -- 1 / 1
Again with the Turbocharged Arcade reference, makes even less sense here than it did in map 05. I can buy this setting as 'ancient'; just because it's a techbase doesn't mean it can't be hundreds of years old, after all. Unfortunately, it's very clearly a techbase, no town in sight. Gameplay is very haphazard, just a grab-bag of monsters in a corridor until the end. Whatever the music is (Sonic the Hedgehog...?), it's pretty lame.

Map 08 -- 7 / 8
Another strong one, probably a Dragon Hunter map? I'm giving the theme high marks--you have to use your imagination a bit, but it's easy to see this rocky, uneven terrain as the remains of a large town (or small city) destroyed in a massive earthquake or other natural disaster long ago. Gameplay's above average; leisurely, for the most part, but the uneven terrain adds a lot of interest and a lot of options. Sort of bogs down a bit at the end with a somewhat irrelevant spiderdemon, but oh well.

Map 09 -- 7 / 5
I also kinda like this one. It's a very simple, rather easy, and yet fairly fun slaughtermap in massively overscaled surroundings, with your choice of three different fights to do in the order that pleases you before the end. I can't give it particularly high marks for the theme, though....'ancient' sure, 'town' only in one place, really, but the effort doesn't go unnoticed.

Map 10 -- 4 / 1
Kind of a charming/interesting concept, but the lack of any lighting effects makes it more of an eyesore than it needs to be, and gameplay is really brainless and hamfisted--I just ran by everything early on, for the most part, but eventually the vile-spam in the later parts forces me to deal with things in squidgy little corridors, not very fun. Earns a point back for the unexpected ending, though. Doesn't take the theme at all seriously, unfortunately, not a 'town' in sight by any stretch of the imagination. I kind of like the BGM selection, believe it or not.

Map 11 -- 2 / 1
Very speedmappy speedmap, very demented/rushed thing/item placement. The vertical nature of the structure in the first part is kind of interesting, but unfortunately it doesn't play well due to the aforementioned lack of planning in placement. Doesn't win any points for the random nazi/crates sojourn, either, and loses one for having no music. Not a hint of the theme in sight, again, but I was dimly amused by imagining the nazi area to be the 'town' part of the map--a little crate-village of hobo-nazis!

Map 12 -- 7 / 4
Obviously Memfis' map, has a sort of Mathias Worch flavor to its style and aesthetic. Like many Memfis maps, action is competently conducted but leaves little lasting impression; most of the points I'm awarding in the 'Overall' category stem from the map's interesting structure and layout--I particularly like the marble building with the wraparound walkway. Can't award a whole lot of points for the theme, unfortunately--the vintage of this map is the MM/Requiem era, and they set the bar for depicting a 'town' setting higher than this, but I can kind of buy it in the exit area, at least.

Map 13 -- 5 / 3
I reckon this is Plut's map. Feels like the thematic sequel to the previous map. The gameplay is sharper, with Plut's characteristic pointblank closet/port traps, but the aesthetic and layout are significantly less strong/cohesive/intricate. Really can't give it a lot of points for the theme; the texture selection recalls some of the town-ish maps of MM/Requiem, but the structure and layout really don't.

Map 14 -- 6 / 5
Solid map to end with. Aesthetic is very clean/polished for a speedmap, and I liked the BGM selection. Calling the place a 'town' is kind of a stretch....it's more a village (or the ruins of one), and even that's being generous, but the overall setting works. Gameplay is easy but nicely varied over its short runtime, with the different monsters used in mostly sensible roles respective of their individual attributes. A bit anticlimactic, but still one of the stronger maps.

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MAP09: Ugh, slaughter maps. I actually made an attempt at this to see how long I could run around without dying. Made it decently far, although the end is pretty ridiculous. Not really much of an ancient town here, except for maybe the blue key wing feeling like ruins.
Overall: N/R
Theme: 3

MAP10: Another slaughter map that I just IDDQD'd my way through. Again, there's some parts here and there that feel like ruins of an ancient town, but the majority of it is just rock, and there's quite a few bits that break the theme (such as the regular old exit doors, metal bars, etc). Also, this is a good reason to not have a "must have custom music" rule... Popcorn? Really?
Overall: N/R
Theme: 3

MAP11: At first glance this one had promise, but it quickly started showing its amateur design and lack of attention to theme. Apparently a few vines textures here and there are all you need for an ancient town - pay no attention to the metal lifts, circuitry pads, or multitude of teleporters. Oh, speaking of which, this map is basically just a maze of teleporters, of which picking the wrong one just teleports you back to the start (usually unleashing more hellspawn to play with, including SS). There's also a bad HOM near the green armor.
Overall: 2
Theme: 2

MAP12: Cute little map that plays pretty well, and I think would make for some good fare in a standard WAD. Feels a bit like a bit of subterranean dig, unearthing a marble edifice buried in the depths. But, as has been the case for a lot of these maps, there's a few too many extra details to really work for the 'ancient city' theme such as light fixtures, metal lifts/switches, etc. The ending is also a bit anti-climatic, and there's a weird spot where the red key doesn't actually get used for the barrier, but instead picking it up lowers it when you jump down from the cliff it's on... leaving the player very confused if he simply walks backwards instead.
Overall: 8
Theme: 6

MAP13: Having just played his map in Mayhem2048, this must be the Plut map. Very similar room progression and design (changing textures every room) and ambush usage. Nothing too dickish, except teleporting hitscanners right behind the player on the blue key. Doesn't feel like a town, more of one building inside a town. It does manage to avoid non-ancient textures until the very end, though, when it uses two very modern-looking switches. Oops.
Overall: 7
Theme: 4

MAP14: Oh hey, look, a map that actually tries to fit the theme. Granted, its more just a couple of ruined buildings than a full ancient town, but at least it tried. Gameplay wasn't bad, at least until the point I ran out of shells and a mancubus spawned in front of me on the lift with nothing to kill it except a chainsaw, pistol and RL.
Overall: 5
Theme: 6

Overall, pretty disappointing how poorly the maps did at following the theme... I suppose it was probably a difficult theme to work with (especially not knowing what was available in the texture pack, looks like a lot of Plutonia textures, should've provided Heretic/Hexen ones). Some decent maps and some crap, which is about what I would expect from a 4-hour speedmapping session. MAP06 is definitely my favorite. MAP12 and 13 are good maps on their own terms, not fitting the theme though. MAP11 is annoying crap and MAP07 is a terrible jokemap that should be left out of any final release.

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joe-ilya said:

MAP05 says 'penis' in russian at the start(only accesible with IDDT)

It's tradition on speedmapping, there's always a map with penises. Though map05 was not made by NRM.

One more tradition is to put hardest maps at map01 slot.

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Strangely enough the topic of sector penises crops up quite a lot in the speedmap sessions I have on Skype. Interesting coincidence.

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