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Apparently it's for Boom (not mentioned in the OP).

Nice "easy hardcore" levels: lots of monsters but health items are abundant and usually you get some opportunities to retreat to a safe place. I made lots of mistakes everywhere but haven't died a single time so it was enjoyable. Maybe a bit too relaxing. Here are the demos. (map01 is my second attempt, the first one ended because I played with vanilla compatibility and some switch didn't work)

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-cl9 FDAs: https://www.mediafire.com/?cx1joncc955jjn8

Nice short-ish and decently challenging maps, good work. The way these were designed makes me think they would be fun for UV-maxing purposes since there are a lot of opportunities to skip hordes and deal with them later with better weapons/more infights. Visually they are nice as well although the theme and style are so similar in every map that the maps kind of blended together. And as always, Goin' Down the Fast Way is an excellent choice for music.

If there's something I must bitch about, there's at least one case of an annoying ceiling decoration getting in the way in map03 (I guess it was map03, you can see it in the demo).

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Memfis: You're absolutely right. this wad made for PRBoom.
The only reason that the wad won't work in Vanilla Doom is becouse I used one new tag.

And to you Veinen:
I checked the annoying ceiling decoration on map03 and I have fixed it.

By the way... Thank you guys for giving me your demos, It's very helping me to fix, change and upgrade things that I think need to be different .

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MAP02 has fences sunken into the ground. They're all over the map, but it happens only in Zandronum source port in software renderer.

MAP04: In the BFG room, there are switches on little pedestals which are 34 units high in total. This is minor, but could you make them 32 units high, so that it's possible to shoot over them? :)

I liked all 4 maps in this mapset (although 04 went a bit too slaughter for my tastes). Midi choices were a little "overplayed classic", but it helped to set the right atmosphere and I'm all okay with it. The design resembles Quake 1 in the good way - unified theme, compact and rationally-navigable structure, nice detailing that doesn't spoil playability. You also give the player a lot of space to maneuver and big open areas, which is great. The way how monsters were being encountered (consequently + in ambushes) had a certain Quake vibe too (my impression), but thanks to higher population it was a pleasant standard Doom gameplay - you handled it well. Memfis expressed it right by calling it "easy hardcore" - there were enough monsters and threats, but even I (as a non-hardcore player) was able to deal with it quite well. I've enjoyed searching for secrets too, except the MAP04 one I've found them all - some were nicely built, like the MAP01 soulsphere secret which required a little extra movement and skill to reach.

So - good job and thanks for this experience!

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Yeah scifista42... I think you right, in map04 the switches in the BFG room is little bit high so I think I will change them to be 32 units high.

Thanks for the advice.

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I liked them alot. simple-detail, tough monsters placement with interconnected layout. recommended.

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Very nice. Good design, lots of room to run around. Being able to shoot while you're backing up is always a plus. A certain "sameness" of detail (wood & woodmet textures, flickering recessed skull panels), and a sameness of style (pick up something, lots of monsters appear; hit a switch, lots of monsters appear). Fine for a short mapset but for anything longer it would get very repetetive and tedious. Even now, two hours after I played them, I don't remember which map had the Cyber and which had the Spiderboss; MAP04 was the BFG Slaughterfest; one level had a crusher that was particularly helpful. That's what I remember. The music has been commented upon. I agree.

A few minor things I came across:

Using ZDoom (with custom sprites that don't make me as motion-sick).

Cyber level: Not a bug. Maybe an exploit. Maybe smart gameplay. Maybe just dumb luck. The Cyber followed me into the Blue Key Door room. When I hit the switch to raise the columns he was trapped.


Here's me shooting a fish in a barrel. He never hit me.


Spiderboss level: The Spiderboss kept getting pushed up the stairs by the Arachnos.


While on the stairs it can't shoot back. When it got to the top, maybe 10 cells from my Plasma Gun killed it. I don't think this happens all the time.

Below-ground bars near a secret teleport.


Exit area. Same level, I think.


MAP04 has two exits? And they're both death exits? Interesting, but since both of them force you to start MAP05 with almost no health or armor, I don't see the point. Now if there was only one death exit and the other was normal, or the normal exit was a secret level exit, or one death exit lets you run towards a normal exit so you'd still have some health and armor left (assuming you can fill up before getting there), then I could see the reason for two exits.

All in all, good solid levels. I liked them. A fun way to pass the time.

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