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Looking for 3D Artist [UNLOVED game]

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Hello everyone!
You may remember me as the author of the Doom2 mod Unloved. I'm currently looking for a talented artist (2d+3d) for my new project, which is a stand alone game based on said mod. I'm using the Unreal Engine 4 to recreate the Doom gameplay and experience with ultra violence and horror elements that resemble the look and feel of the mod. I'm a Steamworks developer and my current game has just been released to the store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/311190 (don't mind the cuteness, it has nothing to do with my current project)

I've also made Gungirl2 (gungirl2.com) and many other games and mods. You can check them out on my website at paulinthenet.de

My current project is going to be released in increments, to keep the project in a manageable time frame and content will be released in bite sizes. It will feature rogue-like elements, randomly arranged levels, random item drops and a lot of things that will give the game a very long life span. At first, the game will release in open-beta to create a community, later it will be released for a fair indie price and all future content updates will be free.

If you are an artist or if you know someone who would like to help me with this project, please read on :D

What you should bring:
- great experience in 3d modeling for games, rigging, texturing and animation
- great experience in 2d art, digital and non-digital
- knowledge of creating and animating monsters, characters, objects and weapons
- experience in working on a time consuming project like this
- a love for the grotesque, dark, ultra-violence, monsters and horror
- lots of time and motivation to work on an open-end project
- inspiration and your own unique ideas that will enhance the game further

Your responsibility:
- creating 3d assets for a horror themed game like monsters, level assets like furniture or crazy hell machinery, characters and weapons
- creating textures, a rig and realistic animations for models
- creating 2d art for the HUD and menus of the game
- drawing concept art for monster designs, weapons, characters and levels

What can you expect:
- financial compensation for your work (details can be discussed)
- lots of artistic freedom and easy to handle deadlines
- an initial release date that isn't too far away (open beta)
- a long, ongoing project with frequent content updates after initial release
- keeping in touch frequently, talking about new and old ideas and concepts

I consider myself an artist and I have worked with artists before and know how 'we tick'. I've created 4 games so far and lots of mods for other games, so I know what I'm doing. The project is thought out and will be released in multiple steps, so don't worry about the project size in total.

We can discuss further details about the game via email.

If you are interested, you can mail me at paulinthenet@gmx.de

If you know anyone who may be interested in this project in any way, please feel free to spread the word as much as you like.

Thank you very much and see ya :)

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