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The Batman Doom Crocodile fight

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Can someone with the relevant DEHACKED chops tell me how the heck this was done? The guy picked up rocks that were lying on the ground and threw them at you. Which to me is an amazing thing to pull off in Vanilla Doom - I have yet to see ZDoom's DECORATE do something that simple yet imaginative with an enemy.

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See first reply here.

The rocks are actually dead monsters (pseudo-monsters), which were previously killed by an explosion. Croc (as the only monster in the game) uses archvile's special walking codepointer which allows to resurrect dead monsters in his way. When he approaches a lying rock, he jumps into a "healing" state (like archvile) which makes him attack the player. Revived rock disappears in the meantime, because its "raise" state leads into a null frame. Yes, it's a cool trick.

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