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GZDoom builder problems

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I use GZDOOM BUILDER to transfer maps to wads, but for some reason, it usually deletes a map off the wad, and now I have to copy the wad a million times because I have to transfer the map, then see if it didn't delete anything, then if it did, I delete the corrupt wad, and then copy the original.
I would not complain, but now out of like, every 10 tries, it works once... Not to often at all! I am currently trying to work but it doesn't want to I guess. I have like 12 more maps to add (at least) and it takes like 5 minutes to add one map!! It's getting REALLY ANNOYING. I can't transfer maps via Wad editor, I can't even use slade, cause my damn computer crashed and now I make maps on a Windows XP, which is really nice for gaming...
Why can't I just transfer in peace?! I don't ask for much :/

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I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but try this:

-Use "Save Map Into", not "Save". "Save" overwrites the whole wad.

-Make sure that the map you're saving has an unique slot, which is not yet present in the wad where you're saving it. (MAP01, MAP02...)

-You can edit every map's slot in "Edit -> Map Properties" in the editor, at any time while editing the map. Again, you must never change it to a name (slot) which is already present in the wad.

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This is what I do
Open new map in GZDOOM builder
Rename it what is not used
Check wad I am saving into
Level 1 is deleted everything else is there

I am so tired of this!

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Please tell me something I can do to fix this annoyance! I want to save MAP23 into a wad with 22 MAPS all labeled correctly, when I transfer it, IT DELETE A RANDOM MAP, now it does it so much! I don't trust it when it goes 4000kb to 3000kb either. Even if everything is there.

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I use GZDoom Builder and, having used 'Save Map Into ...' many times, I know that it works without problems.

You say that you open GZDB to make a new map to be merged into an existing map with maps from 01 to 22.
This new map is to take the slot for MAP23.

Then you proceed making the map, meaning, you insert Player1 and whatever architecture.
When finished you select

After closing and reopening the map, into which the new MAP23 was merged, I get this

All maps are present and accounted for.

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Memfis said:

I can't help you but I want to confirm that this problem exists, I had it with Doom Builder 1.68 at least. Sometimes after "saving into", other maps would simply disappear.

I should probably point out that this problem is fixed in r1965 of GZDoom Builder:

"File -> Save Map Into" command: a map with previously used map name was deleted from the target wad if the command was used after changing current map name.
"File -> Save Map Into" command: added a confirmation dialog when a map with the same name already exists in the target wad.

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