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So uh I found this

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Why is there a laser attached to his nipple
What are those string things
Why is there an RPG attached to a bayonet or whatever the hell that thing is
How the fuck does he reload that thing
Is this some kind of mancubus lingerie
Am I supposed to have a boner right now

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Uttterly stupid to just have a fairly conventional looking gun just sticking out of its torso … Seems very copy and paste to me. But, the monster itself is intriguing. Seems like it would fit in the Doom universe. Reminds me of a demon or maybe a shaved, baby shambler.

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The torso weapon fires nipple milk (hence no trigger.) Those stringy things are actually the tentacles found in hentai anime. This is just a masterpiece beyond words. Somebody hire this man for Doom 4.

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mrthejoshmon said:

It looks like quite a nasty cross between Rambo, Mr. Friendly, a Vore and a Mancubus.

It also reminds me of Dead Space some what.

...and those weird centaur jobbies from Fallout.

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