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DOOM HD Project

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You could, i have 3D meshes these are made from.

I suppose you just need a nice colour 3D printer.

STARTAN Model by Doom HD, on Flickr

Quick colour adjustment:

STARG Test by Doom HD, on Flickr

I'll make more changes to the actual version of STARG, so the repeating details aren't the same.

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Stone2 / 3 still need some hand-painted stains to match more closely to the originals, but not too much as they tile a lot.

Ceil3_5 is pretty much done, might need a to be lightened slightly, but does look brighter in more direct light.

The Star textures are getting there, but still need a bit more tweaking and of course the versions with additional tech details.
I'll also work on some alternate versions with the colours gradually reduced towards the outside, to match the originals.

startan by Doom HD, on Flickr

starbase by Doom HD, on Flickr

stargreen by Doom HD, on Flickr

Stone2 by Doom HD, on Flickr

Stone3 by Doom HD, on Flickr

Ceil3_5 by Doom HD, on Flickr

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I'm normally against turning big blocky pixels into HD textures but I'm really liking this. Only issue I have is that I imagined the medkit being softer, like the material the packaging is made out of is not very hard.

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The medikit looks like it's made of cloth to me. I guess if fuzzy handcuffs are okay, then fuzzy medikits might make things a little kinky ;p

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Don't worry, the medkit and barrel were my first attempts to make textures with Quixel. I made a lot of mistakes and didn't actually scale down some of the layers to improve resolution.

I wasn't 100% happy with the med kit anyway, as i wanted a more plastic looking case with dirt and grime on it. Will probably be some bloody finger prints too.

I'm refreshing the models with additional details and will make much better textures for both soon.

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Fonze said:

The medikit looks like it's made of cloth to me. I guess if fuzzy handcuffs are okay, then fuzzy medikits might make things a little kinky ;p

It looked like a rough leather to me.
Either way, I'm excited to see the updated models.

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I ran into a bug in Quixel after creating the colour variations for the STAR textures.

Each colour variant has a main paint colour layer, then a miscoloration layer over top, which adds some variety to the colour. Kinda gives it a flaky paint look.

This miscoloration layer has a mask that controls where it effects the paint underneath. I created a different mask for each colour, so they all look slightly different, but after grouping my colours to clean the layers up a bit, it merged the masks, which meant i lost the different versions. Doh!

Also, when it came time to import the STARTAN2 texture, i wanted to import my paint layers onto it, so i created a material from the other project, but it too did some very strange things and failed to import the masks.

Basically i had to start over again as it had merged some layers and i lost a bunch of details.

Anyway, like the BIGDOOR2 texture, restarting was not such a bad thing as it allowed me to make them better.

I've added some hand painted details, and created the grungy layers better so they can be switched off or on to control the filthyness.

I'll make all the different versions of the STAR textures and have colour variations for all of them. Should allow for a huge variety.


STARTAN Clean by Doom HD, on Flickr


STARTAN Dirty by Doom HD, on Flickr


STARTAN Filthy by Doom HD, on Flickr


STARGREEN by Doom HD, on Flickr


STARBROWN by Doom HD, on Flickr

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Here is a 1024 version, with baked lighting.

Feel free to use this in projects and mods, but please give credit where its due.

Can NOT be used in commercial projects.

Be sure to click to DL the 1024 version.

I'd love to see this in a Doom port!

Door3 1024 Sample by Doom HD, on Flickr

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Haha, thats not too bad considering i never overlayed the sprite on the Sculpt during its creation. I just eyed the proportions until they looked right.

Once he has some animations he should fit a lot better.

I'm pretty excited to see how Pinky looks textured in Quixel!

Will have another texture shortly too. Doorstop, a pretty easy one i know ;-)

All the Shawn2 based textures are pretty easy to make now that i've made some smart materials.


Doorstop by Doom HD, on Flickr

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Exitdoor is coming.

This one is based on images from the toy gun the original textures were captured from. There's a lot of background detail missing from Doom's original, which is mainly to keep it clean and uncluttered.

I'm probably going to add some more details to it before importing into Quixel, but im reluctant to change it too much. The details Quixel can add will make a huge difference.

The original odd ratio of 64x72 is maintained, you simply need to to trim off the sides a little to keep it 100% original, which is the sides of the vents at the bottom.

I'm really looking forward to texturing this one!

Exitdoor Preview by Doom HD, on Flickr

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So are these actually going to be 3D models? There were a lot of very impressive textures in other packs based on 3D models but when applied in-game they look very strange due to how flat they are.

Is there any Doom source port capable to running these?

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That's why I'm going to start with Doom 3.

I've baked heightmaps for all these so POM can displace some 3D details, but it's not perfect and there really is no perfect solution.

A door that's only 8-16 units with can't really be made up of details like those pictured. The door would be 3-4 feet thick, minimum.

When the time comes to start in-game testing, I'll modify the models and reduce their depth, and then rebake the heightmaps as required, that way they don't look deeper than what's possible.

You could bake these onto lower poly models and use the models as prefab map objects too, but a bit pointless for any engine that doesn't support more than just diffuse maps.

I don't see the point in making only high res diffuse textures these days.

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Quickly whipped up a Chaingun last night to see how this style of texturing will hold up on weapons.

Results are good, but perhaps maybe a 4096 texture would be the best option to really ensure the details are mint.

Not too bad though for about 3 hours work.

I'm really looking forward to making the Plasma Rifle and BFG :-)

Chain Gun WIP by Doom HD, on Flickr

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Made some decent progress on the Plasma Rifle today.

The front is based mostly on the toy. The rear will be based on the g_sprite, but modified to be more ergonomic / realistic.

Suggestions for the rear are welcome.

The base of the v_sprite thats normally under the HUD, has been reconstructed, with the little zig-zags on the sides made to look like heat shields. I've added some hoses underneath, which will be ribbed for the high poly version.

Plasma Rifle Preview by Doom HD, on Flickr

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That is seriously the best looking high-res version of the exit door I've ever seen. Great improvement on the medikit too!

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*reverts from being an Evil Member earlier*

I love what you did to that chaingun and plasma rifle! Keep it up, my good man!

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Hey I'm not a frequent visitor at DOOMWORLD, but I saw your work a bit time ago, and I love it :D

Chaingun is fantastic, and plasma rifle looks awesome too :) I hope someday we will can play with these all models in some DOOM :)

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Thanks guys, glad you like it!

DoomMarine82, I love what you and Reinchard have done too. Keep it up!

I'll be remaking the chaingun soon with a higher res texture and adding another ring to the rear of the barrels, to better match the original / toy. I might also slightly bump up the polys to hide the edges on the barrel tips and frame-rings.

It was made very quickly as a test, and i've saved the textures as a smart material, so it wont take long to make again.

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