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Chris Hansen

Need help testing DM map

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Hi all.

I need some help testing a DM map I made. I have next to nothing in terms of experience with making or playing DM maps, so I could really use a helping hand here with every form of feedback you think is suitable.

The first question that needs to be answered: Is this even a viable DM map!? :)

If yes, then I'd like to hear what could be better or if there are any bugs etc. Now, there is one bug for sure: The file size! Since this map originally started life as an entry for the Mayhem2048 project, it uses the Eternal Doom ressources. But to help players, I included all the necessary textures and flats into the pwad so you don't have to download retres.wad And that did something to the filesize, which I'm not sure is optimal.

So, can this be released or should I just stick to making SP maps? :) Any help, feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Download link


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