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RDC Speedmapping #13

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Details here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/69428-russian-speedmapping-contest-12/

Changes: everyone is free to use their own texturepack.
Format is Boom with extensions of PrBoom+. Such as MUSINFO, textures with height more than 255 and etc.

Recommened texturepack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6497432/spd13tex.zip

Theme is not going to be unveiled until the start of contest.

Planned time is 2 August 14:00 MSK or 10:00 UTC.

Thread on iddqd.ru http://i.iddqd.ru/viewtopic.php?p=178652#178652

Possible participants:

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I'll give it a shot if I'm feeling up to it on the day: it was about 3AM when I finished mapping on the last one. I need my beauty sleep!

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Do we have to use the skies in the texture pack or can we choose our own?

EDIT: Just saw the thing on using your own textures. Whoopsie. X-D

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WARNING: set your skies with the Transfer action, don't just import RSKY1 in your wad!

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only possible bug I came across was the grey liquid flat (in the first level) isn't animated.

Is this one same as last time, voting for whatever, or was it just for funsies?

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Yeah, please vote just like the last time: give two marks from 0 to 10, one for the overall impression and one for the conformity to the theme.

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- (theme)
- (overall)

- (2): took the 3-color thing a bit literally I guess, only grey and key colors.. not the best interpretation I don't think.
- (2): too symmetric, too spacious

- (6): damn a lot of these recolored textures are hideous. well, map clearly had 3 differently colored areas, so can't knock it there.
- (3): real sloppy gameplay.

- (7): see above. pretty much the kind of "killer colors" map I expected upon hearing the theme. compentent. not too shabby looking most of the time.
- (3): this was extremely grindy.

- (2): didn't feel the three-color thing was a prominent component of this one
- (6): slightly more dickish than your average memfis map. I enjoyed it.

- (2): the three colors being brown, light brown, dark brown? :p
- (9): holy shit this kicked ass. completely diggin this map. I love the theme, I love the platforming sections, I love the interwoven layout. Hard to believe this was a speedmap. Got my ass kicked pretty hard in the big tele fight, didn't expect quite that many AVs to be involved. But yeah, great stuff, this one. Chalk me up again as being curious who made this.

- (3): well the red area was pretty red, I guess.
- (2): grats on possibly being the most awkward level to maneuver around.

- (10): this is what I'm talking about! green, red, brown. simple, prominent, good looking!
- (9): excellent. moderate/small-scale slaughteresque stuff is right up my alley. this was awesome. Slight dickery with the 2 AVs after the RK, but with foreknowledge they're probably not too bad.

- this map straight-up crashed prb+ for me. I have no idea why. Like.. level loads --> horrendous screeching noise --> sound dead, unable to quit game. Ohwell.

(4): red,orange,yellow + some neutral colors. I guess it works. quite garish though.
(4): not bad, not particularly memorable.

(2): brown brown brown
(5): cute resistance remains tribute. I've never been a huge fan of HR-style slaughtery things.

(5): brown, grey, green, ok. I'll bite.
(4): pink floyd, grids of hitscanners, malformed swastikas. somewhere between a jokewad and 90s silliness, but it was short enough such that none of these things became annoying.

(5): prominently colored, not much a looker though.
(6): interesting setups, I liked the ones I saw.

(7): nailed it.
(6): so is this a gggmork tribute map or something?

here's some shitty fdas no ones under any obligation to view: https://www.mediafire.com/?xu5gs8au2b3x9be

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On map08 there's something wrong with the music file: I just hear silence, for others it crashes the game. I guess you should be able to play it if you delete the music track.

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Theme: 3
I only see two colors here, brown and grey. Is the green of the torches supposed to be the third? Or is that brown and grey are accent colors, and the key bars are the three colors?
Overall: 4
Kinda bland, largely due to the repetitiveness. Run into the new section, grab the new weapon, kill the new type of enemy, grab the key, proceed to the next corner. Meh.

Theme: 6
Well, there's definitely three colors here, and they are bright. All the recolored textures feels like a bit of cheating, though.
Overall: 5
I found this map to have some decent charm, although it largely is just "throw some monsters randomly in these areas." Not always a bad thing, though. Some of the textures are a bit confusing, though (two lift textures, one will lower, one won't... two wall textures, one is a lift, one isn't, etc.)

Theme: 8
As Ribbiks said, much more "Killer Colors" here with the three color areas being split up into their own sections. The texture selection here is much more tasteful than MAP02's garish recolors, though there's a few missteps (such as using the key-colored doors).
Overall: 5
I'm probably giving it a few too many points for generally looking pretty. Again agree with Ribbiks here, very grindy. It's basically just Meat Hallway after Meat Hallway. I got bored halfway through the blue section and just IDDQD'd to the end.

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Theme: 5
The three colors are green, brown and... grey/black? It's almost so normal that it could be a usual map and wouldn't stand out for having only three colors. Some may say this is a positive, I think it's a negative that it doesn't immediately show off the theme.
Overall: 8
Pretty fun map, I gotta say. The encounters are pretty well-designed (though of course, teleporting a chaingunner behind the player, especially with other zombies in front to cover his sound, is always dickish)

Theme: 3
Colors are... orange and brown? Blue for the water at the end? I dunno
Overall: 9
Another great map, really excels in both atmosphere and gameplay. The only thing that annoyed me was fighting the Hell Knights on the walls early on... it's either plink away with the chaingun, or blast them with the SSG and inevitably fall off and platform over again. But really good overall.

Theme: 1
Um... the colors are red, silver and tan? I dunno. There's way too many other colors here (due to all the computer textures used), plus a big multi-colored part in the middle before the all-red part.
Overall: 2
You know it's gonna be a good map when there are invisible walls and horribly mistextured/non-pegged doortracks at the start. I do have to give it a bonus point just for the sheer whackiness of the "electric chair" trip, though. There are more invisible walls in the red section (and I think it can make the level unbeatable if you drop in the wrong side), plus plenty of torches to make navigating the tiny little red building a giant pain in the ass.

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Theme 1
Three keys as a theme? Crappy idea, don't do that.
Overall 2
It started kinda of fun with these shotgunners and finding the blue key but then you just find a different key in the same looking area with just changed monsters and do that 3 more times, that's crap symmetricity means someone ran out of ideas.

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At first it seems that it's a decent map with nice detailing but soon you will learn that it's simple "loop" patter. Grab key, hit switch, dodge enemies. Plus that Cybie was out of place and is skippable anyway.

Coloring too funky. Got "stuck" for some time because using the same texture for elevator and remotely lowered wall is not too good. Slightly annoying switch hunt. Overall felt too hectic. Plus useless archie at the end who didn't do shit for some reason.

Too many powerful enemies, too little space to maneuver. Overall pretty generic and start gave me false hope that it will be somewhat "clasically" styled map.

Too many revenants. Annoying as hell. Lack of health. Nothing memorable yet again.

Ok, this is obviously different from the very start. Egyptian themed map which strongly resembled me of EPIC. Here we wander through labirinthy-ruins and do some "puzzleish platforming" which made me stuck at the beginning of the map for considerable amount of time just because I did not expect this. In fact, finding the only map secret is easier than figuring out how to proceed (and arrow "hint" wasn't the most visible thing either). It's a solid map anyway and except short "where do I go" moments and too chaotic final battle where I had hard time dodging archies there is nothing to complain about. Nicely executed and style is consistent.

Worst map so far but ironically I have some things to say. It feels like author only decided to take part in contest to show off his "cool" gimmick. Well, it can be good but the execution is so poor it feels laughable. Map itself is cramped with bad sector heights, glitchy "hell" section where you can stuck because of impassable linedefs (why the hell they are there anyway?) and too many stupid decorations. Feels like one of the first mapping attempts.

Plutonia-themed map which looks nice but too slaughtery for my liking. Couldn't play normally because I got constantly sniped by revenants and annoyed by archviles. But I'm pretty sure it will find it's audience as it does not seem bad.

Another slaughtermap. I felt much more agile playing it because of more free space to maneuver. Level design is very enjoyable too. However, I was mildly annoyed by sniping revenants and cybies. Plus I managed to fall into a "pit" which surrounded demon-face pillar.

Fun map with cheesy enjoyable techbase design. Some assholish moments though like a crusher chaingun or pit with chaingunners. There is not much to say about it but I had fun with it.

Insane slaughtermap. Couldn't play without godmode as I got instakilled by archies at the very start. Can't say anything about gameplay but visually it looks very appealing. One downside it pretty basic (crosslike?) layout.

Uh, what? Pretty poor map but it's short and strangely enough has most "Doomish" texturing so far. Feels like one of the first attempts at mapping though there are no over the top bullshit which is nice. Plus bonus swastika if you're into it.

Pretty short map with nice "strict" techbasey design. Looks nice, plays nice, but it's hardly special one. Also, I'm not sure it this is intended but glowing tech walls scrolling down in the first area looked like a rain for a while. That was cool.

This is a weird one. Feels like we're wandering through fractal-shaped guts of some alien creature which is infested with enemies and red skull keys. Layout is pretty confusing and design is too repetative I thought I was stuck until I noticed I missed one skull key. Is it interesting? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Probably no.

Overall it's a curious mapset which is worth checking out. Speaking of a three colours theme - I didn't feel it. Probably the one map in which it was noticeable is map 13 so I can't say this mapset follows the theme of 3 colors.

So yeah.

Important addendum: fcuk revenants.

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Theme: 9
Three colors used (brown/red/green) but more vivid than MAP04, but not as garish as MAP02. Tied together pretty nicely with standard textures.
Overall: 7
Pretty decent little Plutonia-style map. Not too hard, enjoyed using the Cyberdemon for infighting. Could probably use a bit more health, I lost too much in the opening battle and it made future battles (especially the last one, which requires jumping into the slime) a bit problematic.

Theme: 3
I only see two colors used, red and black. It gets one more point than MAP01 because red is more interesting than brown.
Overall: 5
Not a bad map, though not really my style, either. I ended up basically ignoring the first (high up) Cyberdemon and just using the second for infighting while I pressed switches. Ran by the spiders at the end (largest meat walls ever?) Two imps are stuck in the crevice and there's a weird HOM you can see jumping off the revenant switch area.

Theme: 7
I suppose the three colors are orange, yellow, and light brown, though it can be a bit hard to tell at first since the colors are relatively close to each other on the spectrum.
Overall: 7
Cute little map, with nothing too difficult despite having a Cyberdemon at the end. Was definitely struck by how dang square it all is... very few non-orthogonal angles, and the ones that aren't are all 45 degrees... and I thought my maps were square.

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Skipped, too many monsters. Doesn't look like it meets the theme, though.

Theme: 5
I suppose the three colors here are beige, grey, and green, which is pretty uninspiring. Meets the requirements, I suppose, but barely.
Overall: 3
Pretty banal map, feels like a beginner's effort... very squarish, and lots of empty rooms followed by rooms containing a horde of one monster type. Lots of vertically mis-aligned textures and pointless forced backtracking. And the sectors surrounding the exit are damaging for some reason.

Theme: 5
In the end, it's clear that the intended color scheme here is red/green/grey, but there's enough brown/black to make it a bit confusing for awhile. However, I did like the vibrancy used (stands out without being garish).
Overall: 7
Built around a few setpieces, and most of them work pretty well - difficult without being frustrating. There's a bit less ammo than I'd like (I didn't have enough to deal with the last revenants) and the insta-pop monsters always takes me out of it a bit.

Theme: 8
Green slime, pink flesh, skin tone. Pretty obvious, and I actually don't find it that jarring/garish. Kinda cheating when you only use 6 textures, though.
Overall: 6
It actually plays pretty decently, despite being horribly flat and gimmicky. Would make a good secret map in a normal WAD, I think. The cyberdemons are a bit useless though... they're stuck to begin with, and once shot, they can fire back but still can't move, making them simple to deal with. There's also some texture misalignments.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Some of these maps are really good. Could we get links to the other contests?

Most of our contests were later used as bases for the community megawads: Heroes' Tales, Whitemare and Whitemare 2. The readme files for these wads mention which maps are the speedmaps.

But here are the maps from the 11th contest that weren't used anywhere yet: https://yadi.sk/d/CJXq3j06LVGzd (map05 is by Eternal and it's very very nice for 4 hours)

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That is actually an excellent idea. I might do that with some of the Abyssal Speedmaps in the future.

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You can choose the English language at bottom right, after that it should be clear how to download the file.
But if it really doesn't work, here is a mirror.
And here is spd9 I found in my folder, also should be all new to you except map02, which went to SF2011.

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I'll give it a go.

Theme / Overall

Map 01 - 1 / 2
Grey stone, rust-colored metal, green torches? Seemed to me like this was the theme, but the prominent displays of the red/yellow/blue key bars throw the whole thing way off, not just in a thematic sense, but also purely in terms of visual fidelity (looks really clash-y). Very heavy-handed symmetry plus a fairly spacious layout keeps the play from being very interesting; honestly I just ignored most of the monsters, except for the arch-viles beyond the red bars.

Map 02 - 5 / 2
Yeah, 'Killer Colors', that's kinda what I expected to see a lot of with the given theme--blue/green/red. The color-centric theming comes through a lot less garbled in this map relative to map 01, but I feel like there's too much casual use of various accent colors (esp. in the blue and green sections) for it to really shine--chrome/silver metal, black crates, metal tech columns, gold candelabras, etc. The action is pretty haphazard, mostly just amounts to shooting at stuff in front of you. Monster choice seems somewhat reasonable in some places (e.g. the revenant gallery in the blue area), almost random in others (e.g. the red tech area). I guess we can all live with the sky-tiling issues in the big red cave, but there's also a HOM in there on one of the rock formations. Oh yeah, and that one green lift in the blue area didn't immediately strike me as being a lift.

Map 03 - 7 / 1
Heh, right, 'Killer Colors.' The commitment to the green/blue/red theme is a lot more ironclad here than in the previous map, with a much tighter reign placed on accent colors and things of that nature. It even has some interesting (if rudimentary) visual ideas here and there, e.g. the vaguely watery demiplane where you fight the arch-vile in the blue zone. I gave it an extra point on its 'Theme' score because I kinda liked the notion that the end of the red zone spits you back out into a Hell-ified version of the start area. Gameplay is categorically awful, though--the very definition of a 'linear grind.' Also takes way too long for the bars in front of the exit portal to lower at the end.

Map 04 - 5 / 5
Ribbiks guessed this was a Memfis map, and I can see why with the vaguely MM2/Requiem theme Memfis has explored a lot lately, but I think this is actually a Plut map (perhaps with some conscious riffing on Memfis' style)--being completely surrounded by weaklings at the start ala MAYhem2048 map 20 is very telling, and even though the teleporting monster angle isn't used as heavily here as in a lot of Plut's other recent work, the overall way in which he deploys monsters (particularly arch-viles) remains largely unchanged. Not bad to play, but he's done better (I still like Marbland the best of his recent stuff)....might be time for him to experiment a little bit, relying on the same tricks and same general pacing all the time will only take him so far. I feel like maybe I short-shrifted the map on its theme score a little bit, since the grey/brown/green theme is pretty consistent (that black rock at one point throws it off a little bit, though), in fairness....it's just that this is such an ordinary color scheme for a Doom map that the three-color theme doesn't really seem relevant to the whole, even if it was technically obeyed.

Map 05 - 6 / 8
Heh, Diablo II music. Don't think I've heard that in Doom since Cheogsh 3....Anyway, I'm going to guess this is BigMemka even though I don't see his name in the 'possible participants' list (maybe he's called something else in the Russian community?), as he was apparently in the last one, and this really reminds me of some of his ruins-themed maps from Whitemare 2 ('Alarming Antiquity', etc.). This is another case where I'd say that the theme has technically been obeyed--it's tan/orange + blue and green from the oasis at the end, I presume, or maybe one of the colors was supposed to be red from gore/blood and the red bars--but doesn't seem particularly relevant to how the map is presented. Not a big deal here, because the map's ruins theme is pretty cool and well-realized, even has a nice little tomb-ish bit to tantalize me (I adore tomb/crypt/sepulchre/cromlech/etc. settings in Doom). Gameplay's straightforward but quite adequate with a variety of different encounter types, and comes to a nice head with a histrionic massacre scenario at the end (the bark is worse than the bite, but that's not necessarily a problem). My favorite thing about the map doesn't have a lot to do with the combat, though, it's actually the way 'parkour play' is so fundamental to map progression, a fun idea I'd like to see more maps/mappers explore a lot more in the future.

More later, probably.

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Demon of the Well said:

Heh, Diablo II music.

THAT'S what it's from! I kept thinking the whole time that the music was extremely familiar, something I've heard a million times before, but couldn't remember where... been too long.

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Again, Theme / Overall

Map 06 - 1 / 3
Haha, my low scores here kind of misrepresent how I felt about the level, in that I did actually find it rather amusing and am glad I played it--the whole random 'shocked to Hell' thing was bonkers, but the simulation of hurtling through the void between dimensions on the way there was a cool idea. One I've seen before, mind you, but cool, and one I wouldn't mind seeing more of again (ideally in a much more seriously-toned WAD ;) ). I'm definitely onboard with the wall of canned skulls as a sky texture for Hell, as well, but the bounding walls aren't tall enough, so the player can see it go tutti-frutti at a few points. As for the actual scores, well....between the movement-blocking lines and the thing placement it plays like shit (especially in the Hell segment, those torches have got to be one of the poorest prop decisions I've seen in years), and it categorically fails the three-color rule in one fell swoop during the death-ride alone. Still kind of amusing, though, and I tossed it a couple of points on the 'Overall' score for entertaining me ("objectively" speaking I'd say it really deserves a 1 ;) ), and I say that as one who's not generally predisposed to praise little novelty items like this for their own sake. Edit: If Obsidian ended up participating, this has got to be his map.

Map 07 - 6 / 8
Very solid entry here, kind of reminds me of a smallscale outtake from a Plutonia mapset that Darkreaver worked on a while back called 'Plutonium Winds' (which is quite fun, I recommend it if you haven't tried it). The little yellow key trigger sequence seemed out of place somehow, but there are some simple, quality battle setups here--the opening melee is a good warmup, and I liked the way the cyberdemon suddenly crashed the party in person after making his presence initially felt from afar. The ending battle looks nasty but it's really not--two clean BFG shots can take care of most of the problem without the monsters being able to budge you from the platform--which is symptomatic of the map as a whole I guess, but it's still entertaining. As for the three-color theme, it's clearly green, red, and brown, late-game Plutonia classic. Not very bold or adventurous, but looks just fine in-game.

Map 08 - 4 / 5
Hard to score this one. Couldn't tell what the third color in the three-color scheme was supposed to be....the first two are obviously red and black, and the third is.....a lighter shade of black? A more saturated shade of red? Maybe it was supposed to be brown, I guess there were technically trace elements of that in there (similar to the olive oil content in cheap economy-brand pasta sauce, if that makes any sense to you). Play was a bit crass, but far from the worst thing I've ever seen--some straightforward streetcleaning complicated by the pain in the ass on high. Got a little interesting near the end with the arch-vile gang being difficult to fully contain, then just downright silly with the sudden appearance of the spiders/cybers, at that point I decided to just leave. Kinda wish I'd recorded my playthrough of this one, a number of stupid yet amusing things happened--the cyberdemon in the building with the key/plasma gun was killed fair and square by an angry imp, an arch-vile changed his target between five different creatures (me being one of them) before finishing his attack sequence, and I fell into an overwide crevasse around one of the cubes in the street, which would have broken the map were it not for a helpful arch-vile blasting me back out of it again.

Map 09 - 4 / 4
Dig that remix of 'The Healer Stalks.' While the color-disciplined nature of this map is quite evident if one looks at any given room from it, I feel like it waffles around a bit too much over the duration to get a really high score as far as that's concerned--a lot of the time it seems like the color theme is orange/yellow/grey, but at others it seems like maybe it's orange/red/grey instead. Some of the close-quarters combat here was entertaining--for instance, I didn't find the chaingun at the outset, and so I actually had a legitimately interesting time fighting all of those imps and zombies in the crate room with just the pistol--but I started yearning for some open space well before the map was over, and more than one of the fights seemed predestined to degenerate into a chokepointing exercise.

Map 10 - 5 / 7
Even though it's a bit off-model for him, I'd warrant this is Demonologist's, since I see his name in the participants list. Off-model perhaps because it's pretty clearly an homage of sorts; if you've played Hell Revealed or even its sequel, you should recognize this general style of building-based classic 'zone of influence' slaughter play (not much of a trench or pillbox element, though), which tends to start out as a sort of puzzle where you experiment a bit to work out how to get a solid foothold in the map, and then can steadily gain momentum from there; surviving the first 60-90 seconds is absolutely the most challenging part of this map, although I guess the three-vile dick trap near the first key could be nasty if you aren't holding the BFG when it springs. I didn't really appreciate the awkward cyberdemons at the top of the two staircases in the side areas because I wasn't feeling quite masculine enough to try to two-shot them (read: I didn't want to risk blowing it there since I had some more maps to see), but for the most part the action was fine, I enjoy this genre of oldschool slaughtermap from time to time. As for the theme, I feel this suffers from a similar problem as map 08; that is, the theme appears to be brown, dark grey, and.....??? Rust, maybe?

Map 11 - 5 / 1
Pretty dire, this. Gameplay is pointless nonsense, with the featureless random backtrack to the red key being particularly egregious. It looks pretty trashy as well, seems to suffer from that particular symptom of speedmapitis where the author unwisely blows most of his time budget on one discrete area (that'd be the marble area with the exit pad, in this case) and then has to shit out four or five others in the last 90 seconds of the event in order to cobble a 'complete' map together. I kind of resent giving it a '5' for the theme, but I can't deny that it did stick to its tan/grey/green scheme in a suprisingly disciplined way. Still, not a very worthwhile result overall....I'll admit to being (perhaps unduly) amused by the choice of BGM, though.

Map 12 - 6 / 6
Now it's my turn to wonder where the tune in the background comes from....I'm pretty sure I've heard it in Doom before, but I can't place the origin (whether that origin is in Doom or from somewhere else). Anyway, the color-centric theme here comes through pretty strongly: green/grey/red, although it doesn't gain more points because brown runs a lot of interference early on (incidentally, the palette-shifted green ooze in the western room is ridiculously cool-looking, where's it from?). There are some nice tight action setups in this one--my favorite was actually the opening fight, turns conventional wisdom/instinct on its head a bit by setting up a scenario where the arch-vile running loose is NOT the priority target (it's the shotgun guys in this case). The idea that the western room uses of having you address some all-but-unavoidable damage-floor attrition by regularly picking up medikits instead of using a radsuit is kind of interesting as well. Wasn't a big fan of the 4-switch setup in that room, though, feels a little too 'video-gamey' to me, if that makes any sense...would rather it had just been 1-2 switches and a more serious but more concise escalation. Solid map nonetheless.

Map 13 - 8 / 4
Interesting, but quite flawed. This is probably the most on-point iteration of the three-color rule in the mapset, achieved by using the naturally complementary flesh/flayed-snake textures/flats from the stock set, plus the equally complementary slimefall/nukage textures/flats. The color combination's a mite garish (largely a function of the neutral-bright lighting), but it does create a striking environment, have to give it that. Gameplay doesn't really pan out so well, unfortunately....there's not enough pressure coming at you at the start, at least not relative to the way the map shits powerful weapons and hi-test ammo at you. The escalation of the scenario doesn't work so well either because the freedom of movement gained as some of the interior curtains dissipate far outpaces the threat that the limited number of monsters introduced in each new phase represent, especially when both the spiderdemons and then the cyberdemons are essentially non-entities by dint of being stuck in place (more than half of the spiderdemons were eaten by 1-2 spectres when I played).

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