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Idea to save time on H.D sprite projects

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Why not just go the slightly illegal route and figure out a way to extract the sprites from the Doom 2 RPG? From looking at screenshots it looks like they're literally just H.D representations of the original monsters, and frankly they look a hell of a lot better than the shit people are turning out at ZDF:






Just my two cents.

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They really do look better, but I doubt that a source for better HD sprites (or even ready-made models) existed for all this time (since 2010, at least) under everybody's nose.

I'm not terribly familiar with the Doom RPG (the iPhone version), but from videos of it it seems all sprites are 2D and only show their front to their player.

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FWIW, some of those sprites look like upscaled and then hand-retouched versions of the originals (the zombies look ridiculous though, those must have been fully redrawn). OK, so you have two rotations ready....now for the rest of them ;-)

Even if the set was more complete, there would almost certainly be legal issues with extracting them.

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We should all envy Marathon fans. Not only did they get a Marathon 2 reissue with graphics remastered by professionals, the enhanced graphics are available for free. Like the whole Marathon trilogy itself.

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I think it would be more plausible if we ask for the Blood source code to be released instead of thinking about extracting the graphics from the Doom 2 RPG iPhone ver.

I think we've been through this before; EA Mobile compressed the graphics in such a way it is downright impossible to extract them using your common tools. Most mobile games offer the chance to extract the graphics because they aren't really compressed in a single file, but this isn't the case.

The same goes with the first RPG game, I think it was quite a hassle for Fraggle to reverse-engineer the map data to generate PNG files, now think about doing the same for the graphic assets.

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