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Ben Stein's Money (vanilla map)

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Download: bensteinsmoney.zip (vanilla compatible)

This map only uses wolfenstein textures. I started making this for the Abyssal speedmapping session, but spent 6 hours on it, then two hours today, so not really a speedmap anymore.

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Oh darn, it would've been cool to have a ToD map in the compilation. :P I'll give it a go when I'm on my laptop.

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Nice :) I usually don't watch demos because of motion sickness, but I did watch it. Yeah, this shouldn't be too hard to play very aggressively.

Sorry about that Obsidian, but I will give credit for the idea I stole from you. Actually, my last 3 maps have stolen ideas. Cassie's idea came from TNTtwid, xaserpic was based on someone else's layout, and this map stole the Wolfenstein theme idea.

Here's a 3rd exit max in 7:07

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