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How do you record GLboom + demos?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to get help, but would someone give me an explanation on how to do this?

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navigate to your GLboom+ executable via command line, and use a command like this:

GLboom-plus -file myWad.wad -warp 01 -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record myDemo.lmp

Of course you'll change the values of the parameters above to the actual map and level names that you want to play.

For detailed info, check out this stickied topic: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-speed-demos/18410-welcome-to-the-demos-forum-includes-prboom-plus-usage-info/

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Sunshine, let's cut out the complicated crap. I'll just copy & paste a message I have sent many a time before.

I use ZDL to aid me (I couldn't get CLI to work with PrBoom) and PrBoom plus <- replace with GL Boom plus (obviously) Now, all I do is load up ZDL add the source port, IWAD and PWAD. You should see a command line at the bottom this will allow you to record and play.


Complevel = Compatibility level. There are a variety of complevels, I know 2 is for vanilla doom 2, 3 is for vanilla ultimate doom, 4 for final doom and 9 for Boom compatible wads. Here's an example of what would be put into the CLI of ZDL from my own: prboom-plus -complevel 2 -skill 4 -playdemo av01-052. (Without the full stop). The last part is the name of the demo in the PrBoom folder, -playdemo for specifying playing the demo (change this to -record in order to record on the demo name) you will need to specify the correct -complevel in order to get it playing correctly. You can also use -warp # (number in place of the #) to warp to the map and record from there. Remember though, when recording your level wait for the end screen for a little bit then exit (or else it will record into next map).

I hope this explains some recording and you can get it too work. If you have any queries (you probably will have, my explanations are hard to understand) then please don't hesitate to ask. If you want after a test record you can send me the file and I'll play test it, essentially.

Hope this helps you out, sunshine.

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