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dobu gabu maru

The DWmegawad Club plays: Stomper

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Yeah the text will need an overhaul (except the ending) and that there should be some visual referrences early on, might even make versions of pre-existing COMPSTA textures, to do that. And yes map20, WILL be about assassinating the dictator, and you will kill him personally, there's still lost soul dehacked frames me and Xaser can use for that.

Also, might make map30 more hellish and stuff, i'll see about it. And yeah I agree with a map05/map16 swap.

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Map 26
This map is pretty dark, but not too much. I love it. Layout is also something I like, starting in a middle, with only two ways for the moment, eventually getting to the entrypoint/exit of the keep or castle, or whatever the building is.

Darkness can cause some slight problems when trying to find hitscanners somewhere in the level, you happen to see it too late, you get hailed by loads of bullets or buckshots. On my end, they weren't much of hassle, once you go around, and clear systematically.

After the initial sweep, it calms down, maybe even too much. Besides from the waves coming when you grab the keys, action is pretty minimal here. Imps here and there, maybe demon, some chaingunner... Maybe cacos spawning at times could remedy this, since the map is quite open for them.

For the E3 (or E4, if that matters), this has the best mood, so far, and for now.

Map 27
A standard brick and mortar, along with black and rusted metal, map focuses most of the time in the open area, filled with catwalks, or the perimeter of the map.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, it feels even more hostile, probably even going beyond maps 15 and 23. I decided to play bit more conservatively, taking advantage of the blue bars, and decided to thin the herd a bit. As long as you can play waiting game, you can effectively thin out the demons waltzing on the catwalks, and even some chaingunners peeking from the holes. Of course, one cannot stay indefinitely, especially when ammo is concerned, and keys don't walk by itself. Blue key was a really hazarduous, getting shot at all angles, the arch-vile surprise (they're pretty common around here) and then backing yourself into cacodemon. Good recipe of destruction.

Since playing continuously, I had good amount of rockets to spare. Areas stationed with revenants, mancubuses and arachnotrons got quickly downed, but it still didn't reduce the danger of getting fireballs from nowhere. Eventually, everything calms down into mopping up the rest of the rabble around.

A fun map, in my opinion.

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MAP29: City of Babel

So, one part key-hunt, one part IOS map, and one giant part of slaughtermap. On one hand, I think its good for WADs to have some variation, and I know a lot of people like the slaughter gameplay. On the other hand... I think WADs should also have some sort of central theme, especially for something as divisive as slaughtermaps, so the slaughter fans can play their slaughter WADs and the non-slaughter fans can avoid them. I suspect lots of people, upon getting to this level, will either give up or (like me) cheat to the end... after all, this is level 29.

The start part is fun... if you know where you're going. I tried doing it blind, and like mouldy, took too long (grabbed the yellow key, then cleared out the center area only to find the three locked doors... by that time, the red and blue were inundated with Arch-Viles, Pain Elementals, etc, basically impossible). So I did a run with -nomonsters to learn the lay of the land, then made a run going blue -> red -> yellow, in order of longest to shortest to best make use of my time. I was running low and health so had to save scum the door area a bit, but finally made it through with 12 health.

I actually like the IWAD MAP30 homage here, and the custom Icon of Sin texture is pretty cool looking. Kinda brings it all back to MAP01 (which was very homagey itself, albeit with the new custom textures), and makes me wonder a bit how Stomper lost its way from those opening levels of the custom textures to kinda generic bases and the like. Anyways, the crowning achievement comes with the huge wall lowering, with a veritable shitload of enemies on the two sides.

Now, slaughtermaps aren't my thing... but I blasted through a bit, figuring I could give it a shot. Kinda frustrating in parts (mainly due to the extreme angle of the revenant missiles) but got through to the Spider... and then realized the level was just going to keep. fucking. going. So I gave up, turned on IDDQD, and W+M1'd my way through the rest of the map. And jeez, it's long. Even with godmode on, it was a slog. There's a cool part with some large sections of the map moving up and down (let down slightly by the HOMs), then ending in... yet another slogfest ascension. Get to the top, and there's some weird statue thing to shoot that's just sitting there. Pop a few rockets in it, it falls over silently, level over. Well... that was certainly anti-climatic.

So, definitely some cool ideas here, but lots of flaws. Tons of really bad HOMs, the start basically requires knowing the layout, and the slaughter section is just way too long. I agree with most of Demon of the Well's proposed changes, and figure out a way to improve the 'final Icon' as it's a lame ending and feels like it doesn't have anything to do with the rest.

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MAP30 The Machine (Must Be The Hero!)

This guy replaces the Wolfenstein SS but is incredibly fleet footed. His attacks are similar to the Afrit/Balrog from Scythe II, revenant rockets and mancubi missiles, plus regular rockets, so talk about hard hitting. He's hard to hit enough too if you're using the BFG. On the other hand though, if you circle strafe consistently, you'll totally kill this guy and avoid just about everything he attacks you with. The abrupt end really didn't help too much. And it looks like after he's done the plot of Soulcrusher starts. But Stomper is not quite over yet either...

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Getsu Fune said:

MAP30 The Machine (Must Be The Hero!)

This guy replaces the Wolfenstein SS but is incredibly fleet footed. His attacks are similar to the Afrit/Balrog from Scythe II, revenant rockets and mancubi missiles, plus regular rockets, so talk about hard hitting. He's hard to hit enough too if you're using the BFG. On the other hand though, if you circle strafe consistently, you'll totally kill this guy and avoid just about everything he attacks you with. The abrupt end really didn't help too much. And it looks like after he's done the plot of Soulcrusher starts. But Stomper is not quite over yet either...

Well, there's only so much you can do within boom when it comes to that kind of "storytelling", in a way Soulcrusher finishes what Stomper starts because that's way I intended it to be and the original author agreed on it. Soulcrusher already referrences Stomper off the bat in the very intro because Stomper was originally in development at the same time as Soulcrusher and we had a bunch of agreements on story side of things, that Stomper would lead into Soulcrusher. You know the rest of development history probably.

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Map30 - “The Machine”

Really didn't enjoy this boss fight, there is no useful cover, a pitiful amount of health and no armour, one or two hits from that thing will kill you, so its down to scraping all the ammo together and circle strafing until one of you dies. He jitters around spastically making hitting him with anything a roll of the dice, and I can hardly tell if I am hitting him at all. After a few deaths I switched to god mode just to see if i was actually able to kill him, and after a while he did die, but its not something I would have the patience to do properly. Boss fights are hard to do well in doom it seems, I can't remember many that were very fun, but thats a discussion for another thread. If the point is to have something difficult to do before you are allowed to go home then I guess it works, though for me the difficulty was largely luck based. It certainly wouldn't be the first or the last map30 I would skip though.

My final thoughts on this megawad...

This is a great collection of maps with a very distinctive style throughout, large scale layouts with plentiful options for progression. Some of the custom sounds are a bit odd, but mostly they do a good job, and the custom textures too, though it didn't feel like they were used so much in a lot of the maps. There are a lot of maps that are let down for me by simplistic and sometimes ugly visuals, but given the scale of the whole project I imagine it would take quite a while to tart them all up. There were a few maps with gameplay problems, but only like 3 or 4 out of 32 so thats not bad going. Good stuff.

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when I said that "Stomper is not quite yet over", I was referring to two extra levels that I found, which I believe can only be accessed by cheating. they're not really memorable levels, but not bad levels either. I had to pistol start these, the changemap command for some reason warps me back to the start of the present levels. nevertheless, if anyone else wants to play it, go ahead but don't expect anything groundbreaking.


This one is a pretty humdrum techbase, with no memorable moments to think of. The beginning can be quite rough with two cacodemons possibly blocking the exit out of the first room as well as hitscanners on balconies. Behind the blue door to the south of the map, some monsters can't really hear my shots. 7 secrets, 2 or 3 of them are practically right next to each other. Not a good level, but not a bad one either.


A very nice-looking entrance leading to a rather ugly but open earth map. A lot of big monsters in the main canyon and no SSG means a lot of running around trying to scour weapons and armor or cause infighting. The pain elementals were still headaches though. There's two unused areas of the map too. Not really a level I enjoyed.

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MAP30: The Machine

So, after the never-ending slogfest of the last map, this one provides a 1-on-1 duel with a really fast-moving, mancubus-fireball-spitting cyborg. Really hard to hit, I ended up just using the BFG splash damage and then finishing off with the plasma gun. It's a nice-looking level to start with, but as a boss layout leaves something to be desired, not much more than a big box. Unfortunately, the ending is even more anti-climatic, as the level ends pretty much immediately upon the death of the cyborg.

The storyline text remains particular mystifying, and honestly, I would dump it (though judging from the creator's comments here, won't happen). Apparently there's some story about mutants and your evil father the emperor Darius Darx and Nanocorp and cyborgs or something. None of which comes across at all in the gameplay, except for the final boss battle being a weird cyborg (granted, MAP20 is missing). There's a big jump between the post-MAP20 text ("okay, time to check out these supply depots") to the ending (well you killed all the mutants and the cyborg and where's your brother omg).

It's especially weird in a map set that feels very homage-y... lots of the early levels have Doom or Doom II map homages, and the Icon of Sin in the last level is clearly a rebuilt one from Doom II. So why is the story all about something completely different and non-Doom when everything else feels like Doom monsters and levels?

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Good thing this month has 31 days, otherwise I would miss the deadline! Anyways, here are six more maps - I will post the final batch tomorrow.

MAP22: Castle Crossack 100% kills, 100% secrets
Another fantastic map! This one isn't really a castle, it's just a huge building with lots (and I mean LOTS) of shotgunners and chaingunners. I actually started running out of ammo in this one too! There were five secrets, but none of them were really hidden. All I had to do was make sure I went through every door and explore every area. My favorite areas included the blue key room (pretty nasty trap), the main central area, and the building with all those square rooms. I like squares.

MAP23: Grindhouse 100% kills, 100% secrets
And this is where it starts to get difficult. It's not crazy difficult, but it's certainly more challenging than anything before it. The hardest part is the massive arch-vile ambush, and I had to use my BFG9000 to survive (and even then it took a few tries). I was able to get stuck in the 'crusher window' room by going onto a raised platform, running through the crushers, and dropping to the floor on the other side. I did this not knowing that it wasn't the correct way to access the area, so I had to reload and find the switch I had missed. Overall, a fun and challenging map.

MAP24: Twisted Keep 100% kills, 100% secrets
We're twenty-four levels in, and this is our first real hell level! In terms of difficulty, I would say it's a fair bit easier than the previous map, but not by very much. There are some nasty groups of monsters around the map, and two cyberdemons! I believe that only one key is required to exit, but I did both sides because I wanted to see the full map.

MAP25: Feeding Pit 100% kills, 100% secrets
Is it just me, or are the maps getting easier as we go? This map takes place in a huge green/red marble building with all sorts of chaingunners, revenants, and barons/hell knights trying to kill me. There are just over 100 monsters on UV, much less than I expected. I don't really have anything negative to say other than the blood is damaging (I always assume that lava and nuclear waste should damage the player while water, muddy water, and blood should not).

MAP26: Queen of South 94% kills, 100% secrets
During my playthrough of this map, some monsters refused to teleport in and I missed 10 kills. I saw some HOMs in a couple places too. Other than that, this is another great map! It's pretty challenging, and I really love the dark theme with the red sky in the background! The blue key was guarded by three barriers which I had to lower with three switches in the same area, but I could actually very carefully walk along the edge of the platform, bypassing all three barriers and grabbing the key earlier than intended. Despite these flaws, this is one of my favorite maps in the collection.

MAP27: Lost Sanctum 100% kills, 100% secrets
This is the most challenging map yet. At the start, I was struggling to survive while being attacked from all sides. I went over to some place, got killed by a chaingunner. Went a different way, and took a revenant missile to my face. It's all about learning where the safe spots are, and being really freakin' careful. There was very little health to keep me going - perhaps a few more health pickups in the starting area would be a good idea.

Then I entered the second area and faced the cyberdemon! I found it easier to simply strafe around a pillar, using it as protection, and fire at the cybie with my SSG. After killing the cyberdemon, everything kinda became easier. There were no longer enemies attacking me from everywhere and I didn't have to worry about safe spots too much. I regained all my health that I had lost in the first area, and finished the map with maxed out health and armor.

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alright, now for some final words.

Stomper, as a whole, is quite a retro-styled set of Boom maps. Many times I've often come across some maps that seem like homages to IWAD material due to how they are designed. There were also a few times where I look at the texturing and go "what?" especially with the STARTAN making odd appearances here and there in the beginning. Also, many texture misalignments and some HOM's were present, so Stomper's final release should take care of these problems, not to mention the finishing of MAP20, and with it the story involved (if you haven't noticed, i love a good story). Thematically, it progresses well other than the OOP techbases in MAP21 and 22. Difficulty wise, some levels before 23 could use more monsters on HMP, especially 18. It was still quite enjoyable though. I had said at the beginning that I wasn't gonna playtest, but since most people dropped out I decided to go ahead and fill in.

Best maps: MAP11, MAP13, MAP19, MAP22, MAP28, MAP32

Worst maps: MAP15, MAP29 because slaughterfests.

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I think Stomper's best aspect is its ephemeral oldschool quality. Its stylized asset replacements, its strongly hitscan-flavored gameplay, its playful IWAD homagery, its quirky dystopian sci-fi/cyberpunk theme, and various other character quirks lend it an identity that's new and yet somehow nostalgic and familiar--the point of reference I kept wanting to make was STRAIN, which had a similar narrative/diegestic bent, similarly colorful custom assets, some weapon rebalancing, and even a similar juxtaposition of sleazy high-tech urban decay contrasted with much more antiquity-flavored areas in its level-to-level thematic progression. I know there was some concern that the stylistic differences between NMN's original work and Alter's additions/modifications would be jarringly obvious, and indeed they are, but I don't think the contrast turned out to be fundamentally problematic; NMN's style functions as the baseline from which most of the WAD operates, with that content which was made or largely completed by Alter (e.g. the thing placement in map 15, for example) acting as occasional but very sharp diversions into different latitudes of gameplay. For most of the duration these are brief enough and spaced out enough that they help to maintain interest (perhaps a little more than they have a right to, but more on that in a moment) and lend the WAD a bit of extra character. I suppose that the mapset does seem to undergo a more severe 'psychotic break' of sorts in its last few maps (27-30, basically), where the stylistic/thematic shifts become more severe, and thus arguably make the endgame seem strikingly out of character with the rest of the WAD, but I actually kind of like it when megaWADs do that, even if the thematic/narrative shift in map 30 was a little too much even for me.

To the degree that the WAD does have a little bit of an identity crisis, I think a lot of it could be smoothed over by modifying the gameplay in NMN's maps so that they're a bit bloodier, involving more bodies and a bit faster pace. Note that this is not the same thing as trying to make all of the maps hard/deadly or full of powerful demons; outside of its few sharp digressions, Stomper has a more or less vintage, run 'n gun, "I'm the action hero now" flavor to its action, and there's nothing wrong with that--it just needs to be finessed to feel like a more substantial experience more consistently over its duration, seeing as at current it has maps that are obvious highlights and then just as many that are nonevents from a battle perspective. Similarly, one of the most categoric assessments I can make about the gameplay aspect of the WAD is that ammo REALLY needs to be reigned in, on UV at very least. Again, it wouldn't be wise to go too far--Stomper already has a rather tight health balance, and shifting the ammo balance to be equally tight would impact the flavor of the play in a fundamental way, shifting the tone of the player's battle options to a much more slow-paced, conservative approach, which wouldn't suit most of these maps. Still, if I'm doing UV pistol-starts, and I'm leaving pretty much every map with full bandoliers and hundreds of units of several types of ammo left lying unused in the map, something in the balance is probably off.

The other thing that must be said from a betatesting standpoint is that this WAD badly needs to be repolished, and then probably polished again after that for good measure. It's full of errors of varying degrees of severity, ranging from the purely cosmetic to the nearly game-breaking, and the visuals appear unfinished in many places--being somewhat spartan in aspect and allowing a lot of the visual detail to elide from texture graphics is a perfectly valid design decision, and something that helps contribute to Stomper's charmingly retro air, but a good deal of what we see looks and feels a lot more basic than it needs to. Early on I commended the WAD for not hesitating to make generous use of stock textures alongside the custom assets, and while I stand by that notion in principle, after playing the whole WAD through I've come to agree with Magnusblitz that its custom texture assets are woefully underused, especially in the second half of the WAD--many of these are quality materials, making better/more frequent use of them would be a natural step in the beautification/polishing of the WAD.

So, overall, I guess my final verdict is that Stomper's got "good bones", but it needs a lot of polishing/refinement before it's ready to ship for real.

As is my custom, my top 5 maps of the WAD, in no particular order:

Map 15 -- Tremont City
Map 09 -- Flow Control
Map 28 -- Spirit Path
Map 05 -- Fusion Plant
Map 29 -- City of Babel

Map 29's a bit of a special case in that I think the current version is held back by being too long and seriously troughing in quality in its later stages, but the first two thirds of it are still cool/memorable enough that I picked it anyway. As it's refined in later versions of the WAD, its status as one of the top maps in the game should only solidify.

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Well I thank everyone to playing it, and making it this far, including some of which, that made it to the end. I'll be going through the thread multiple times and note down things for my beta 2 task list text file.

Technically speaking, beta 2 should be done by the time Xaser's map20 is done, if not, later than that. Beta 2 will be the last beta and if all goes well, Beta 2's coming late september I think. The final thing will be released in late October/early November so people can nominate it, that's assuming if I iron out 99% of those issues, if not, early december.

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Here are the last few!

MAP28: Spirit Path 100% kills, 100% secrets
Damn, this map looks freakin' awesome! Much like the previous map, there's that 'find somewhere safe to hide' gameplay at the start. Even after ten minutes had passed, there were still some monsters hiding out there in the darkness shooting at me. Doom's torches and other light sources are put to good use in this map too - they are used to mark which path houses which key. On top of that, each key's section is 'colour coded' in a way - the red key is located in a red area, and the same goes for the other two. I thought this was pretty neat.

Unfortunately, this map has a high number of strange bugs - including one I've never seen before. Firstly, I found two locations where I could get stuck: I could fall into the space between the wooden walkways in the south-western building, and I could also get myself stuck in the secret with the rockets, energy packs, and the megasphere (the door that opens from the secret side is a one-time use). Additionally, there was a very odd imp on the way down to the yellow key area. He was kinda in the wall. I did get him killed thanks to splash damage from the rocket launcher though. Oh, and there were a couple visual glitches (HOMs, bleeding textures, that sort of thing).

MAP29: City of Babel 87% kills, 60% secrets
Good lord! This has to be the most epic finish (well, it's not really the last map) to a WAD I've ever seen! There's the freakin' huge outdoor area at the beginning, filled with all sorts of monsters and slowly filling up with even more. Acquiring all three keys is insanely hard, but that's only the beginning. This first area was a bit crazy, as I wanted to get the keys and get the hell out of there before things became too hectic. Eventually, I found all three and proceeded.

The next area is basically Doom II's MAP30 - pretty easy... until the boss goes down. Then all hell breaks loose. Both sides of the boss wall open up and out come hundreds of revenants. Holy crap. This has to be the most challenging map I've ever played. Anyways, after finding a switch, some more walls open up and unleash an ocean of revenants and demons. Then I'm flicking some more switches and, eventually, reach the top of the massive chamber. It's over, right?

Nope, now I'm in the hexagon of death with probably 10 cyberdemons. I make good use of the essentially infinite BFG ammo and take out the countless hordes. Finally, I hit the switch to reveal the big bad boss (who just sits there), shoot some rockets in his direction, and am rewarded with the end screen. Phew!

Well, I've never been a big fan of these Icon of Sin spawner maps. I don't really like being rushed by the constant spawning enemies. I like taking my time, hiding around corners, carefully picking off my enemies. Whenever I play one of these maps, I tend to feel like I'm in a mad dash for the exit switch before I become overwhelmed. The second and third areas don't have the spawning monsters which was a relief for me, but the revenants didn't make it any easier. The one thing that I really love about this map is the insanely large second area - it's huge! After killing every single monster in that area and raising the bridge towards the teleporter, I really felt like I had accomplished something (even if I had to reload ten million saves to do it).

MAP30: The Machine 100% kills, 100% secrets
MAP29 was like taking a walk up the stairs, but with each step having nails sticking out of it, the handrails being made of razor blades, the carpet being made of needles, and the stairs go up 40 floors. This one, in comparison, is like going up the stairs in a stairlift with a comfy cushion.

What I'm trying to say is that this map is very, very easy compared to the previous one. I killed the boss on my first attempt using the BFG9000 ammo that I had tons of from the previous level. I do like this boss, and the room is nice and epic too, but it's just a bit too easy if you ask me.

I really love these maps. Most of them are fantastic in terms of gameplay and aesthetics - my favorites were 06, 12, 14, and 27. I can't wait to see this in its final form! However, because this was a beta, I encountered many, many issues along the way - here's what I can remember:

  • MAP05 feels very out of place for a tech base themed episode.
  • MAP31 feels very amateurish (sorry!) and too easy.
  • Some maps have impossible monsters. Just look through my posts for maps where I didn't get 100% kills (except MAP29 where I didn't bother).
  • Similarly, I believe it is impossible to get 100% secrets on MAP12.
  • Difficulty in some maps needs to be revised. I do think MAP29 is a bit on the insane side, as some of us needed to cheat and/or reload states like a madman.
  • HOMs (and other visual errors) show up pretty frequently in the latter half of the mapset. I recall seeing them in hordes in MAP15 and MAP28.
Thank you for creating such a brilliant WAD. I've spent many hours playing through the maps trying to find every monster and every secret, and having a damn good time doing it.

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Final Thoughts

I had never heard of Stomper before it got chosen for the Club, so had no idea really what to expect. The first few levels set the scene... normal Doom II gameplay with some slightly buffed weapons and some new textures and sprites that seemed to be going for a 'cyberpunk' flavor. The first few levels were also quite IWAD-homagey, with MAP01's obvious Entryway ripoffs, MAP03/04's KDITD feeling, MAP07's mancubus/arachnatron triggers, MAP11's ripoff of E1M2, etc. After the first episode, though, the megawad pretty much completely drops the usage of the new textures, and we proceed through lots of brown Doom II city textures in Episode 3, a few oddly-placed techbases at the start of Episode 4, then descending into the straight-up marble and red/white rock of hell for the rest of Episode 4. It definitely feels like a bit of a shift, and I think an unfortunate one, since the custom textures really do add to the feel that Stomper is apparently going for. There are also some flag textures in MAP12 that show the idea of some sort of 'evil empire', but aside from that, nothing after MAP12 really lends credence to this feeling because it's all IWAD textures.

The other aspect of that, of course, is the supposed story. I've already spoken a bit about the problems with it - it doesn't really come across anywhere except for the text screens and the strange Icon replacements/final boss (though apparently MAP20 will add another boss) because the rest is just the straight-up fighting regular Doom monsters... supposedly "mutants" in this. I think changing some of the monster sprites, especially the zombiemen, might help this. Nothing major, but just enough so it's clear we're fighting mutants and not just regular Doom demons. The story gets especially weak after MAP20, where we've supposedly killed the emperor but decide to continue exploring some supply depots... apparently leading us into hellish fortresses after only a couple levels without much comment. And there's a lot of stuff on the final screen that completely comes out of left field (the stuff about the brother, for example).

But enough about the story, let's talk gameplay. If I was asked to summarize Stomper, I'd say "reams of ammo" and "mostly easy gameplay" with some exceptions for the later maps. Most of the maps early on feature only a couple enemies per room, and the only threat comes from hitscanners combined with a relatively dearth of health. The mid-tier monsters, for the most part, simply aren't used in any threatening way and usually just feel meat to be carved through because they're in-between me and the exit, rather than a real threat to be conquered. I'm actually pretty tolerant of this - I play Doom to relax, not challenge myself, usually - but after 20 maps or so of the same thing it all started to blend together and feel a bit samey. Thankfully, some of the maps at the end start to finally kick things up a notch, but the first two-thirds of the WAD are largely non-notable.

Something that I expect will be fixed by the final release is the tons and tons of texture misalignments and HOMs... there are a LOT. The texture misalignments pretty much plague every level, and the HOMs start to crop up a lot in the later levels (making me think they might've been completed generally in order). There's some really bad ones, as mentioned and screenshotted across prior posts.

Still, overall, there's a lot of good stuff here. Layouts are generally quite strong, and I don't think there's a stinker level in the group. Even at my most critical, the most I can complain about it that gameplay is a bit lackluster. And there are some good moments scattered here and there - MAP13's red door horde release, MAP22's red key fake wall trickery, MAP23 in general, MAP27's open catwalk area. I just wish we had more of those.

Favorite Maps: MAP09, MAP13, MAP15, MAP17, MAP23, MAP27, MAP28
Worst Maps: MAP31, MAP16, MAP22 (except for the red key part)

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