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Improving (Fixing) Map02

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After a retro gameplay in freedoom2 i noticed much similar stuffs between doom2 and freedoom, so i'm mking a improvement (FIX) to mke it not look much doom2 in same time improving it inside boom limits (not doom sorry).

Enchancements: < i dont know if i tip it right...

-> Water was replaced by a mood that catch the player while him walk.
-> Incresed light in outsides areas. (look much dark ever in opening sky places.
-> Improved Deathmatch only things.
-> Initial imcorporation of secrets. (this map has no secrets?)
-> much improved textures around.

Know bugs:
-> map is already umbeatable, Proposital anything after the unrechable key is because map is not done ;)

This improvement is to get some feedback and ideas for make it less doom 2 map02, thanks.


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Which freedoom2 wad were you playing ?
The map02 I got is complete, not unbeatable, all keys are visible, cannot get yellow key until unlock red and blue doors. But we may be confused about which is freedoom2 (that name is not helping).
The one that I think is freedoom2 is the one that plays like Doom2,
but is entirely different than Doom2. It is meant to replace using Doom2 when trying to play a PWAD so it has to be compatible with Doom2 textures, sprites, and sounds.

Sorry, cannot figure this one out, but it sounds interesting.
Could you re-explain it some more ??
"Water was replaced by a mood that catch the player while him walk."

Tried the map posted, and I think it is too difficult for Freedoom Map02.

A previous discussion decided that Freedoom needs to be playable by a beginner, especially the early maps. Decided on a progression of introducing difficulties, weapons, and monsters in the Freedoom maps.
Map02 should not have chaingunners, nor revenants because they are too difficult for such an early introductory map.

Map02 is an early map, that it why it does not have secrets nor other complications.

The mud is interesting and I use a similar mud on Map09. But on Map02 it slows the player just as they are trying to fight shotgunners. Again, too much for Map02. If the mud was only in the deep pit where the pinkies and imps are it would be much better. I preferred the water above ground because there are too many shotgun sgts and they are too good at hitting a slowed player.

I could not get the blue key because the pedestal would not come down.

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